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Can a family support and take care of their parents? A person can support and take care of their parents? (source: Phoenix Buddhism) people often ask, a person can support my parents at home? Especially in recent years, many young people are only children, their home, no one shall take care of their parents, how comfortable do? But if the parents or parents, give some financial help, a man’s riches from the ten party to make offerings, not let parents loss blessings? Besides that, if the parents are sick, a person can go back to take care of? The parents died, the monks can according to secular funeral etiquette? This seems to be a crucial issue. On these issues, "there are some contents of law" and "Nanshan" in three parts, can be taken as a reference for a person, the words and deeds, always in good discipline as a criterion. 1, how is the real newspaper parents grace? Daoxuan lawyer "bill act ·" don’t line monk said: "speech Pro easy to take to a monk who, with the popular clothing, parents respect and say good-bye. Speaking this verse: "transfer realms, and affection can not be abandoned; well into inaction, true gratitude." Service is free from vulgarity. A "clear" people believe." (verse has said, from vulgar clothes.) Daoxuan lawyers have said here is shaved, for a monk who left parents said gatha. We can read the real experience, what is the true liberation, true altruism, true. One monk to monk, parents consent, in the tonsure ceremony, the children to lay the identity, the last time the parents leave. Since then, her clothes dyeing, learning Buddhism, religious attainment, as teacher days, the robes robes, this is the real parents report. But since then, never bow down to parents, only the information. The ancients said, "a monk, a lot of heaven." Parents Songzi monk is a great kindness, interest long, family to the heart and can escape the convent, parents and clan from six from suffering. If the parents can understand and support all life is good karma, a family of 2, the root can support, support parents at home? (1) daoxuan lawyer said in "article twentieth" salute bhiksuni notes: eighth: "gratitude five law" cloud, "Bi Lingga poor parents, with food and clothing to support. The Buddha said: if one hundred years, his father left the right shoulder, shoulder charge on the size of mother, very convenient, the exotic clothes support, and can not be reported in grace. Now listen to the monks dedicated to support their parents, or have a felony." Here, the lawyer cited five daoxuan "law" in the content, that monk is can support parents. But there is a prerequisite, is the monk at my father mother is a poor man. The law of the venerable Bi Lingga parents life is difficult, and lack of personal information. The Buddha teaches: "monk to their food and clothing for." Here "is", refers to the Sangha, monk himself a good enough food and clothing for this can be used to support the parents of life. As long as they are the food and clothing, to support their parents, so that parents need to worry, this is the Buddha allowed. On the contrary, if not this!相关的主题文章: