Business scope Dou Wei to eat a bowl of 9 yuan face how

Business scope: Dou Wei to eat a bowl of 9 yuan face down to two days, and the hot sinus Xianer search. Or similar "down" screen, but this time from the subway to the noodle shop. I "segment down and your sister" — a netizen in Beijing four "new Sichuan noodle is seen eating noodles Dou Wei, was once lined up to buy his signature tape picture, a time you hot, very quickly on the micro-blog hot search: but this family focus still, Dou Wei’s""…… In the picture, Dou Wei clothes to be more simple, ordinary common leisure sports coat, gray pants and sneakers, carrying the same gray single bag, comb meatball head literary youth favorite, leisurely eating noodles and dishes, totally did not regard themselves as who. The main fan study about "new Sichuan noodle" menu, speculation that Dou Wei Hin is likely to eat is 9 yuan "Braised pork in brown sauce" and 7 yuan "Cucumber with Hot and Sour Sauce", do not know this "Dou Wei package" will open fire (~ ~ part). This home is located in the west near the "new Sichuan Museum" (under Alex Hua Tian), to Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce is the most famous, is a chain, in Beijing’s Hin famous, Na, also had BTV finance. A few years ago the main fan in here to eat right, the main fan Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce, "down"): Alex Hua Tian’s Restaurant "new Sichuan noodle" and "Qingfeng baozi Pu" and "Gokokuji snacks" and "home casserole" and "barbecue" and "barbecue Wan", "Emei restaurant" and "hongbinlou" and "Liuquan habitat" and "the restaurant" and so on the time-honored, want Dou Wei’s occasional fan friends can go to the pit. To tell the truth, this is not the "subway door", Dou Wei for the first time since "down" hot search. Every time there are friends on the roadside to see the electric car ride Dou Wei, together with a commotion… April 2015 "subway down incident" was the subway photos after exposure, many people say that Dou Wei is not a decent fat. Dou Wei responded to the four words "self voicing what God, US: May 2015" riding the electric car after another fat incident "photographed Dou Wei daily, riding the electric car, wearing T-shirts and shorts, but describe the words are" fat and bald, what is more serious "with his ex-wife Faye Wong’s millions of luxury cars compared with the decrease in October 2016" Dongsi buy McDonald’s incident in the last month, has issued a document called watercress users in East met Dou Wei came to McDonald’s to buy breakfast, after riding the electric car to leave. Do not know because this time Dou Wei looks pretty (not) (enough) (Taiwan) fine God (down), so not too Shuabing down and Dou Wei and friends on the roadside smoking time: eI5z-fxxsmih9663583 100 yuan in the shop to buy the common clothes down the Dou Wei and eat a face down. With the hot search, there is another news "Dou Wei married July another daughter:" also exposed out a photo of Dou Wei with his new wife: although someone cut to Dou Wei’s former wife high source reply words "he]相关的主题文章: