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Business school a security post before the small blackboard message is like the warm heart of the original title: "the school has a warm heart of security" leave before the small blackboard message, remind the students pay attention to security and sanitation in September 16th, Hunan University of Commerce, security reminder Zhou Shilian and he wrote. Figure reporter Chen Zheng Xiaoxiang Morning News "I will leave, I." In September 15th, Hunan University of Commerce, a security guard asked the former to write down the message with the students "nag" small blackboard in front of the teaching building, remind students to pay attention to security and hygiene, photographed by students sent to the network, causing a buzz soon. This usually is not too much, with the smile on his face. The security in the post before in such a way and students farewell, many students feel sad, and praised it as the most warm heart of the security staff. The students said the most heart warming security uncle in September 16th, Hunan University of Commerce, a security in the small blackboard in front of the teaching building on the message on the Internet a lot of photos forwarded the photo, a security guard is small blackboard writing: reminder: I remind students two things: first, from the classroom, including on Restroom to manage your wallet, two, to take care of the classroom health, overcome with snacks in the classroom habits, class table take away rubbish, do not affect others. I will guard, that nagging, Qingtongxuemen remember and forgive. The students of Hunan University of Commerce, wrote this passage is a security guard at the two teaching building of the school, because they usually work very carefully, especially to write a neat chalk, a lot of study to the teaching building students have the impression of the. "The winter time, ultra cold, I see in et al., he called, I used to fire, especially touched." , "is a love of calligraphy calligraphy contest held before our uncle, he also helped us to turn on the lights." Uncle also wrote a lot of warm details of the intimate words to remind students." "Often carrying him with breakfast," some students see the security is about to leave, the expression of his dismay, and called it the most warm security uncle". Students should be reminded to pay attention to security in the afternoon of September 16th, Hunan University of Commerce two teaching building at the mouth of the table, the students are taking photos of the security guards are reading. Reporters arrived, the guard uncle immediately stood up, took off his glasses. Reporters learned that his name is Zhou Shilian, 59 years old, at Hunan University of Commerce,, when the security has been nearly two years of teaching. I heard that he was held as a student network red, he appeared to be embarrassed, kept saying, "shame". Zhou Shilian is Hubei Huanggang people, when a young soldier, also in school as a primary school teacher for several years, and later has been in the household farming. In early 2015, because his son settled in Changsha, Zhou Shilian couple to take care of grandchildren also came to live in Changsha. In the introduction of acquaintances, Zhou Shilian to a property company candidates, and finally came to the Hunan University of Commerce, usually responsible for the attention to the teaching building of suspicious personnel, to promote the school’s sales staff, inspection of water and electricity, etc.. To the teaching building more people, so there is often a case of theft of mobile phones." Zhou Shilian said, there are often students to reflect his lost things, he is also very sad. "A lot of students come from the countryside, a cell phone is hundreds of thousands of students相关的主题文章: