Business Coaching And Stress And Time

UnCategorized When the term business coaching is mentioned, what .es naturally to mind are the re.mendations provided by a business coach regarding sales, cost management and profitability. However, what most people do not understand is that business coaching is not limited to these key organizational functions and that it touches each and every aspect of business management. One such area that business coaching is making a huge impact on is stress and time management, which has be.e quite necessary, keeping in view the substantial increase in employee stress levels over the past few years. With the increasing .petition due to globalization, businesses are being forced to cut costs and improve efficiency. These in turn are forcing employees to devote more hours at their workplace and shoulder more responsibilities, which in turn, increase stress levels. Business coaching helps because it empowers employees and managers with highly effective time management tools and techniques, allowing them to make optimal use of their available time, for work or fun. By using the insights provided by a business coach, employees and managers can easily learn to set their priorities and create daily work-plans, so as to perform their duties much more easily. This may require some practice, but if the employees are .mitted, they can easily master the tips and techniques provided by the business coach. A small amount of stress can be ignored and may even be necessary, but when stress levels cross a certain limit, there is bound to be a substantial difference in employee performance, morale and motivation. Stress is caused by various factors, but if you analyze records, you will realize that the root cause is often the inability of an individual to get a firm grip on his/her personal or professional life. As such, when employees are overburdened with work, they start feeling stressed and as a result lose interest in their work, no matter how important or how urgent it might be. No business environment would want to have offices filled with stressed out employees and this is why more and more .panies are using business coaching for improving their present and future business prospects. It may be claimed that technological advancements have made life easier for employees and managers and as such there is no need for time management, but, this line of thought is very mistaken. No doubt technology has simplified the more .plex jobs, but the problem is that, it has also resulted in an increase in repetitive activities that are far more stressful. Individual repetitive tasks may take just a few minutes, but when you multiply the same with the total number of such tasks to be ac.plished in a single day, you will have no problems whatsoever in understanding how difficult it actually is. For example, managers nowadays have to reply to hundreds of mail on a daily basis, forcing them to spend more time at work and even taking some of the work back home, automatically increasing stress levels. All these are reasons enough for .anizations to use the services of a business coach. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: