Building plaster off downstairs hit multiple

Building plaster off downstairs hit multiple vehicles damaged wall visible. About 1 pm the day before yesterday, Shahekou District Science and Technology Plaza is a high-rise residential building plaster off, hit many vehicles parked downstairs. A car windscreens were smashed, cement blocks scattered inside the car, the left rearview mirror is smashed. There is a car owners to be dropped in view of car damage when the cement fragments hit in the neck, but fortunately no big deal. When reporters rushed to the scene, the damaged vehicles have been removed, the ground littered with many pieces of cement, and set up a cordon. You can see from the downstairs, the high-rise buildings adjacent to the pedestrian street of Xi’an Road, there are many pieces on the wall. The largest piece of wall damage in the 20 or so, the outer wall of the skin area of more than 3 square meters off. The reporter understands, peeling is around 1 pm, downstairs at least 3 vehicles damaged to varying degrees. One of the most severely injured after a car windshield was smashed, the left rearview mirror is smashed, scattered pieces of cement in the car. There is a car windshield was smashed, the owner came to see when the neck is by falling pieces of cement hit, but fortunately did not cause illness. Nearby residents said, after the high-rise buildings have also been peeling downstairs hit the vehicle accident. "In recent days to cool winds, crumbling plaster is more dangerous, the property can take measures to reinforce the wall, to prevent accidents from happening again." Residents Zhang said. It is understood that the property owners and owners have been contacted to deal with the aftermath.相关的主题文章: