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[UK] Buss, Dickens’s elegant and beautiful fairy tale Town Tourism Sohu "that the rolling hills, it quietly flows away the beautiful river, and the towering mountains, looked far, a part of the fog of the morning was obscured, lost steep gas potential, but it seems to be very gentle." In 1837, this is the British writer Dickens in the famous as "the biography of the United States," a brief description of the small town of bath. Today, 180 years later, we came to the beautiful village of Dickens’s writing, the only British cultural heritage of the world, the elegant and beautiful fairy tale world. Bath bath, English mean bath, two thousand years ago, the ancient Rome empire was established here hot spring baths, a famous Rome beach, from Rome beach to the church yard, from the annular square to the crescent building, time travel, time change, through the history of Pakistan, Polish Town, like a bath at sunshine girl, exudes elegant and beautiful fragrance. The elegance comes from the architectural style of the Georgia era, and the beauty comes from the intoxicating scenery of the countryside. The bath from London, 150 kilometers of rural town, given a British writer and artist of endless inspiration, in addition to the most famous great English writers in the nineteenth Century, Dickens’s "the Pickwick Papers", 1813, the great British female writer Jane · Austen also wrote bass works of "Pride and Prejudice", let the whole world know the British this elegant and beautiful town. Buss, as British town village is the integration of different little and dainty, the characteristics of the times, but also the integration of the exotic; there is not only the country beautiful scenery and lazy slow pace, too modern and fashionable. In the town, you can easily lying in the sun on the grass and picnic, because there is a large park you can also exotic flowers and rare herbs; walk in the streets and lanes, because here the specialty shops and colorful, with sufficient lethality. I stay at bath time is very short, but each lane, every turn, every step, she gives me different style, is also quiet lively is elegant, palm Point Village Town, a mix of interwoven enchanting charm, could not help but slow down the elegant and beautiful town, the total income to their shots. "In my mind" town "concept has two meanings, one is the physical area is small, the two is the emotional factors of the place is a little and dainty pet bath, a combination of the two town. You see, the bath of more than 10 of the population, although the city has no edifice of bath, and has the most noble British streets and curve of the most beautiful buildings, said her elegant little and dainty right? We are long train ride from London to bath in the bath, when out of the train station at BathSpa, the first was in front of the town streets and buildings attracted. "Love the river, across from the town center of the town, Bass Strait, vegetation abundance, building well-proportioned. The hillside is the river slowly相关的主题文章: