Boulter revealed that the real reason for supporting Manchester United himself is a fan of Ruud-shishangqiyi

Boulter said the real reason is their support Manchester United Ruud fans Jamaica sprinter Boulter sina sports news Beijing on October 7th news, sprinter Boulter revealed in an interview that support Manchester United because they are van Nistelrooy fans. Boulter is the fastest man in the world to run, he also at the Rio Olympics historically achieved three consecutive men’s 100 meters, 200 meters and 4×100 meters on the three projects. While in the game, Boulter was one of hundred-percent United fans, but he believes that wearing No. ten Dutch let him fall in love with here. Boulter revealed to the media: "Ruud used to play for Manchester United, I love it, I love that guy, he is very cool, the game is great. So I naturally became the Reds fans." "What is more interesting is that I could have supported any team, maybe Sunderland, maybe Newcastle." Boulter added. Van Nistelrooy is no doubt from the Denis law, the top scorer in the history of manchester. He made 219 appearances for the Reds in the last 5 seasons, scoring a total of 150 goals, with an average of about 30 goals per season under Ferguson. Since Ruud joined the Reds in 2001 from the Dutch giants PSV, soon have a dazzling performance. He scored 44 goals in a single season in the 2002-03 season. In addition, he also won the league championship with the team in 2003. He won the FA Cup and Carling Cup trophy until he joined Real Madrid in 2006. (D-WillSpurs)相关的主题文章: