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Boiled fruit better than medicine! How to eat fruit in the end health – Hubei Channel – People’s original title: cooked fruit better than medicine! What fruit to eat to be healthy food can take Apple diarrhea, detoxification, easy digestion; grapefruit steamed can reduce thrombosis, prevention of stroke in the elderly; cinnamon red wine stewed apple can tranquilize the mind; salt oranges are anti cold jiapin……. In the popular online diet prescription, think to eat cooked fruits than raw has more health value, and even have a certain effect on some diseases, it is not really so? See Dr. Ma for you. Most of the fresh fruit with water is 85%~90%, dietary vitamins include vitamin C, carotene, B vitamins, minerals, potassium, magnesium, calcium and dietary fiber (cellulose, hemicellulose and pectin) is an important source of. Red and yellow fruits such as high carotene content of mango, papaya, orange, hawthorn, apricot and other fruits; jujube, citrus and berries (Kiwi, strawberry, blackcurrant, Cili etc.) the content of vitamin C in high potassium content; banana, black currant, red jujube, longan, etc. the high. Dietary fiber and organic acids in fruit can promote digestion, especially dietary fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce cholesterol, help prevent atherosclerosis. In addition, the fruit contains a lot of flavonoids, aromatic substances and other phytochemicals, with special biological activity, beneficial to the health of the body. Because the fruit contains a lot of vitamins, vitamins and nutrients are very special, with fear of light, fear of heat, fear of oxidation characteristics, so the fruit cooked, it is easy to destroy the vitamins. And, the original fruit contains polyphenols, they have antioxidant capacity, after cooked, these substances will have some damage. Therefore, for the health of the people or raw fruit is good, can get more complete nutrients in fruits. But for indigestion, eating fruit is not comfortable, easy to drink cold water, such as weakness of the body, you can eat cooked fruit, although the loss of some nutrients, but easier to digest some. (author: Ma Guansheng, Ph.D., Professor, Department of nutrition and food hygiene school of public health, Peking University doctoral tutor, China Association chief science communications experts, engaged in the study of nutrition and health for 27 years. The current members of the national food and nutrition advisory committee, the State Council Working Committee on women and children of women and children, experts, the national rural compulsory education to improve student nutrition plan for members of the Committee of experts, poor areas to improve child nutrition group pilot project Chinese nutrition experts, deputy director of the society. 2013 of the sixth annual health China billboard health communication fashion figures, 2012 was the first Science Communication Awards awarded "science communication" person of the year award, the people’s daily newspaper "health health China 2012? Ten person of the year award, China Nutrition Society from 2008 to 2010 the annual nutrition science work personal prize). (: Zhou Tian, commissioning editor of Cardiology)相关的主题文章: