Bob – Dylan won the Nobel prize so far after the silence of the judges want to get in

Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize has silence judge: to connect the original title: Bob · Dylan’s prize has silence judge: I hope to get in touch in 2011, Dylan in London to perform in new network on 23 October, according to foreign media reports, the famous American folk singer Bob? Dylan was awarded the Nobel prize in literature after the silence so far, Swedish writer West Berry said, still want to contact with him. Local time 22 days, Swedish writer, the Swedish Academy Pyle? West Barrett said in a television interview, Bob? Dylan won the Nobel negligible reaction is "predictable", no one was surprised. In an interview with another swedish newspaper, West said, "we know that Bob and Dylan may be" not good "and" don’t like being on stage alone". West berry also said that the school still want to contact Dylan and Bob?. In October 13th, the Swedish Academy unexpectedly awarded the 2016 Nobel prize for literature in the year of the year to the age of 75, by which he praised the "new poetic expression" in the great tradition of American songs". At that time West Barrett Bob Dylan described as "probably the greatest living poets." But since then, although many attempts, the Swedish Institute has been unable to contact Bob, Dylan. The Nobel prize award ceremony will be held in Stockholm in December 10th, the Nobel prize winners will be invited to accept the award, and speech at the banquet. So far, the Swedish Academy is still not sure whether Bob and Dylan will attend the awards ceremony. It is reported that Bob, after winning the award has never officially responded to the public, his official website had briefly mentioned that he is a Nobel laureate. But the relevant information has been removed in 21. In 1964, French philosopher Jean Paul refused to accept the Nobel prize for literature in the year of the. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: