Bob – Dylan has not yet opened the door to the literary prize for the Chinese National Academy of Sc

Bob Dylan has not yet given the Nobel prize for literature "open the door" at least one of the Swedish Academy members have expressed dissatisfaction with the Nobel prize for literature in Bob Dylan’s door has been knocked nearly ten days of Dylan of the Nobel prize, the American traditional songs for "create a new poetic expression" award winning artist has not open the door to the Nobel prize. Not only that, he mentioned on the official website of Dylan became the 2016 winner of the news of the recent disappearance of Nobel. To this end, the Swedish Academy, writer Pell West Berg publicly called Dylan the "be insolent and rude behavior". Westerberg told the media that the committee would no longer try to contact Dylan. "We’re not going to take any more, and now the decision is on his side." However, the Swedish Academy but soon with West Berg’s remark. School secretary Sara – Dani statement, every Nobel prize winners have the right to decide how to respond to their winning. "The college has never looked at the winner’s decision and will not, no matter what the winner’s decision is. Mr Westerberg’s view is that he is a man who cannot stand for the academy." Westerberg’s criticism of Dylan has also been some ridicule. The unusual phenomenon by some of the music industry leader in defiance of Nobel prize and applause, and some think Mr Westerberg frustration is normal, because Bob Dylan has always been so aloof, even the concert, Dylan rarely interact with the audience and communication. However, Vanity Fair columnist James – Walcott said, "there is nothing to cheer the silence of Dylan. It’s just that Dylan is doing Dylan himself." At present, Bob – I am on tour in which Dylan. (Sina international Wang Jinan) editor: Wang Jinan相关的主题文章: