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The whole body cryotherapy biohackers love, but FDA doesn’t think so. – Sohu technology biohackers are keen on human body freezing, ice lolly became the new trend, but FDA said very worried. Ruian · Howard (Ryan Howard) is a New Hampshire, he told God of the northeastern United states. The guy in the village used to stay in, do not know what the cold. However, when he stood naked in a minus 210 degrees Fahrenheit (134 degrees Celsius) it feels frozen pot, how a cool acid. This is the so-called systemic cryotherapy, which belongs to a kind of biohacking. Yes, but this is not self torture, treatment, and expensive: $55 to freeze for 3 minutes. "Like in the ice, ice bath have a feeling of rebirth," Howard said. He has now set up two health technology companies in San Francisco. The cryotherapy fans, compared to health is like money. According to the statement on the Internet, it is almost a: Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, asthma, chronic pain, migraine, depression and so on. There are websites that say it can reduce inflammation and fat, improve skin and increase metabolism. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (U.S.) in a recent consumer warning, said that so far, there is no evidence that such a therapeutic effect of cryotherapy FDA. Although some scholars have begun to carry out relevant research, but the results are not yet known. Moreover, FDA cautioned that exposure to extremely cold environment, there is risk of suffocation and frostbite. "The Internet to cryotherapy say is likely to mislead consumers as if it were raining flowers. FDA did not acknowledge the effectiveness of cryotherapy, "explained Dr. Stern, of the FDA facility and the radiation health center, · (Yustein), (Aron). Last October, a 24 year old woman died in a frozen indoor working on her Nevada spa base, the event attracted much attention. France’s national football team’s training base, goalkeeper Celion · (Celine Deville) in order to meet the FIFA2015 women’s World Cup, is undergoing cryotherapy treatment of. But in spite of this, Ruian · Howard is willing to try to challenge the human body limit. His newly established start-up company, iBeat, is developing a wearable heart monitoring device that can dial 911 in an emergency. Howard chose to experience cryotherapy because he had recently undergone intense weight lifting and his muscles were sore. Howard walks naked into the freezing chamber of the frozen CryoSF in San Francisco, where his head is at the top of the freezer. Howard said he could still control his fingers, and can open the freezer door at any time to terminate the freezing treatment. "You won’t feel cold," Howard said. "Everything is normal except for the cold. Just like the piercing cold in the Northeast storm, but after the experience相关的主题文章: