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Presentation When running an online business, it’s always good thing to keep an eye on extra earning possibilities that can be made from affiliate market. There are lots of places where you can get affiliate links to promote from your website. There is also a way to promote affiliate links and sell various products even if you do not have a website. The whole trick is knowing where to advertise and get highest quality targeted traffic. If you’re thinking about integrating MaxBounty offers into your online business, then you should check out SupportingAds.. as well. SupportingAds.. is advertising network that allows promoting any type of links even those that don’t lead to your own website, therefore all you have to do is register to some website that has affiliate offers you can promote (such as MaxBounty) collect banners and links for products and then start promoting and collecting your share of profits. Integrating everything and getting it to work is not hard and doesn’t require any special knowledge or huge investments from you. How does it all work? After registration with SupportingAds you’ll need to make your first ad. This is done by creating some text (like marketing slogan) and adding it to a picture (or banner) you got from affiliate marketplace (MaxBounty for example) and choosing a category for your affiliate link. Your ad then get analyzed and contextually matched to websites content from SupportingAds database. In order to get the best results, pay attention to your advertising text since this part is what gets analyzed to best match the content from website it gets published on (those are also known as publishers). When are you charged for advertisement? Each time a visitor from publisher website clicks on the banner with your link you’ll be charged this is how PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising works. Many better known websites with similar services use this method (Google for example) since it’s the best way to get your ad exposed and actually looked at. This is the same method used by social networks also, SupportingAds didn’t invent anything new, and they rather use what is already proven to work best. The only difference is the price of the click you get. How can a SupportingAds.. keep the price so low? Because you’re not .peting for keywords (like with Google’s system) or testing the market in order to see where you have the highest conversion rate (like with Facebook or other social networks), publisher websites have done that already. They have a steady number of daily visits and all you have to do is place your banner there to get your traffic. Since there is no .petition on keywords (Google) or demographic groups (Facebook) the price of click is significantly lower than with any other advertising network. Thanks to no obstructions such as not having a website yourself and possibility to advertise affiliate links directly SupportingAds is perfect place to start building your online in.e business. How to plan strategy with SupportingAds? The best way to do so is to use one of available link shorteners (Google has one for free) and track how many clicks you are getting and how much those convert into sales. Low costs of clicks will allow you to experiment and find the best way to monetize your affiliate links, and you can also run more than one advertising campaign to speed up the whole process. Once you are happy with your advertising investment versus conversion rate, it’s time to pick your next product and repeat the same process again. SupportingAds.. is one of the best advertising .works to start with, because it offers dirty cheap PPC advertising, it’s easy to use and requires no advanced knowledge in marketing to start collecting money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: