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Best parenting: really, so with kids, do not accompany! Two days before the child received a good friend of Sohu, his complaint telephone, to know what they said, every family has a skeleton in the cupboard! Best parenting: really, so with kids, do not accompany! (map) Pelle is the circle of friends has been the envy of everyone life. She graduated from the University of large companies into the industry’s most cattle, then married longtime rich handsome boyfriend, soon gave birth to a cute son, really is the cause of family. However, as the son grew up, he was unexpectedly found him more and more sticky at home but with Yuesao, he did not kiss, which gave her a critical hit. Pelle it realized, in order to work their neglected children, she is determined to change the status quo. I really want to give up Pelle work, concentrate on at home with the kids, she is absolutely not dry. After all, she loves her job and knows the importance of an independent source of income to women. So Pelle every day in the company to work hard, try to avoid overtime, go home after work to accompany the child. Thought will soon be able to repair the parent-child relationship Pelle efforts for more than a month, or a child with her parents. It is sad and disappointed Pelle is, it can not help but call me. Listen to his complaints, I feel very strange, the children are eager to get their parents attention and care, his every day take the time to accompany his son, supposedly not so ah, had to ask her: "how do you stay with children?" Pelle replied: "is when the child blocks, play the ball I will be waiting at the next time, I will read children beside the urge ah." I was shocked: "you dry beside? Don’t you talk to him? Don’t you play with him?" "These are not, I have to work so much, but also to accompany his son can not work overtime, come back to work with him side. Work on the phone to relax." I can only sigh: "I like you to accompany the child, do not accompany!" You thought you were with the kids, but the kids didn’t feel it! Although I think his company is wonderful, but had to admit that in today’s society, there are so many mom and dad. They were so busy with work, busy work, busy business trip, no time to spend with their children. The children aware of their alienation to find their own mistakes, so hurry to take time to accompany the child to make up. However, they called the company is this: say to accompany the child, eyes staring at the computer screen; hard work finished, and immersed in the mobile phone can not extricate themselves; heard the child’s request and the question, the answer is always "uh huh" and "Oh", "a ah"…… Such companionship, the child really can feel? Such a company, really want the child? The answer is obviously negative! Children need to accompany, is listening + expression! Children need not absent-minded with high quality, but in my heart, accompany. Only in this way can they feel their parents!相关的主题文章: