Benq Joybee Gp1 Mini Projector

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The Benq joybee gp1 review is BenQs most .pact and moveable projector, boasting photo sizes up to 80 and featuring a rather original USB reader that permits you to run marketing without the re.mendation of a laptop or additional video input gadget. When BenQ approached us to review the Joybee GP1 projector we stopped to contemplate it to get a second considering it deviates from our usual coverage of .puter system peripherals. That said, the idea of testing the minimalistic projector sounded enticing from the perspective of a gadget lover that wouldn’t mind dumping a big monitor for the 60-plus inch projected monitor under the right circumstances. Furthermore, this is just the beginning of a developing trend of ‘pico’ or ‘palmtop’ projectors that offer shape factor convenience, along with the use of LED-based light sources. LED projectors do away with .mon nags associated with traditional projectors much like the use lamps that need to be replaced during its lifetime. Inside the GP1 box we locate the projector tucked away in a black carrying pouch, AC adapter, remote control, a 2GB USB flash drive, immediate start guide, security manual, user manual on CD and a multiple input cable. While this is the final version of the projector, BenQ told us that the .mercial bundle will include software to convert all video information to a format that is .patible for that projector. The multi-input cable presents connectivity for .posite and VGA inputs. The user manual indicates the right video connection method is .ponent video clip, although no .ponent cables are supplied. Upon further investigation we discovered that BenQ suggests the use of a .ponent video to VGA adapter (not provided) in order to use these types of offer. The concerned remote control, although very plain in style, allows you to manipulate most aspects of the projector without having to physically interact with the unit. BenQ also includes a 2 GB flash drive for storing movies or presentations that can be run directly inside projector without the drive for a .puter interface. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: