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Beijing Shunyi hail destroyed 31 strawberry greenhouses loss of over one million (Figure) – Beijing, if there is no experience of this local rainstorm and hail, Yang Shunyi District strawberry growers and small Cui Cui son, also looking forward to through the early work, to the new year’s day, 3 greenhouses they can usher in a bumper harvest. But all the hopes and dreams that ended in a local storm. From yesterday morning 1 when, near Shunyi District began to rain, in the vicinity of the village of pine, carrying heavy rain hail. Heavy rain lasted until dawn before the end of 31, is located in the strawberry greenhouses on the farm is Yang happiness devastated, strawberry seedlings were all flooded, part of the greenhouse roof collapses, the cumulative loss of more than one million farmers. Scene 31 greenhouses destroyed Yang happy farm is located in pine near the village of xikou. This area, in addition to the kind of crops of the villagers, but also gathered a lot of private farms, planting are mostly high economic value of crops. Yesterday morning, the reporter went to Pine Village, along the way can be seen in a number of heavy rain poured down the corn. Happy farm on the road in front of the road on both sides of the tall poplar, after experiencing this rain, the road is full of fallen leaves, roadside drainage, at least half a meter deep water is flowing. "Before the rain, the drains were dry. See how big the rain is!" Cui slop slippers, after the rain stopped, he has been busy rescue seedlings of strawberry, no is covered with mud. Happy farm a total of 40 greenhouses, divided into two columns lined from north to south. The farm near the southern tip of the 3 greenhouse Laocui and son contract. The road leading to these 3 greenhouses is very difficult to walk. The hardened pavement has been soaked in water for a long time. Cui was wearing slippers, but because the shoes were frequently wet mud stick, finally he had to take off the shoes barefoot and move on. From north to south, the farm is full of broken houses and flooded the strawberry seedlings. A shed roof collapsed the whole Laocui, obviously, the rain to Cui is brought about by the abnormal losses. About a summer of hard in vain because is engaged in agricultural planting the first year, Cui did not give crop insurance, this is his most regret now. Cui, 44 years old this year, he and his wife have a normal job, in order to encourage entrepreneurship in May this year, his son, to each shed rent of 14 thousand yuan, in the happy farm rented 3 greenhouses, planting "Confidante" strawberry. In this farm, and Cui the same, there are a dozen tenants. They contracted a total of 31 strawberry greenhouses in the farm. "In recent years, more and more people kind of strawberry, also more and more difficult to find. The rent here is not cheap, but the surrounding rent out, we are looking for a long time to find here." Cui thought, a little bit expensive expensive, listen to what others say, a nice strawberry, a shed forty thousand or fifty thousand dollars a year the money is not a problem. Each shed can be eight thousand seedlings per tree, 85 Fen of the purchase price, plus plastic film, drip irrigation pipe, fertilizer and so on, Cui has also put in 40 thousand yuan. Know the photo相关的主题文章: