Beijing school was founded, quyi culture

Beijing school was founded, quyi culture original title: Beijing opera school established folk art department yesterday, Beijing Opera Art Department of Career Academy was established and the folk art teaching report exhibition held at the children’s theatre. The reporter understands, North drama and folk activity for many years, since 2012 opening of elective courses, elective courses of storytelling teaching for the hundreds of College students. As of now, into the classroom the students play North storytelling 100 people, into the North play book museum audience of nearly million people. In January 11, 2016, north to Pinggu to play in the play book, north of Pinggu branch every Monday for Pinggu people speak storytelling, by the Pinggu local people welcome. Expand the art teaching in recent years, respectively in the storytelling and professional teaching in Higher Vocational and technical secondary school Guqu Department department. From 2015 to 2016, the local opera department technical department for two consecutive years starting art professional enrollment for the community, singing and accompaniment of the existing dozen students learning Jingyuntaigu, Meihua Dagu, Danxian, Xihe Dagu different kinds of. On behalf of the college students has obtained excellent results in various folk competition. The establishment of system for college quyi preparation, has organized experts to conduct research, education research method, and hire experts to enrich the teaching faculty, the quality of teaching resources into the classroom. In 2015, the national Ministry of education to add professional opera performances in the directory in Higher Vocational Schools in the north, the play will take this opportunity to build a strong brand of teaching, homeopathy and establish folk art department. (reporter Wang Run) (commissioning editor Ou Xingrong and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: