Beijing media national security is still difficult to avoid the growth of new people in a flash –

Beijing media: national security is still difficult to avoid new growth – Sports Sohu flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum Legal Evening News (reporter Wang Fan Zhang Jun) yesterday evening, 2016 Super League season ending, Beijing Guoan in 3 to 1 victory over Henan Jianye home court. With a victory for the 2016 season after a full stop, the national security team in the standings in the standings in the fifth. After the game, Guoan generals said "thank you pull, wind and rain accompanied by green heritage, never give up" on the banner around the field to greet the fans. A full of ups and downs is not successful season, that was the end of the cold wind. Summarize the difficulties of attack is still a lack of last night’s game, the national security team with Yilmaz and Augusto scored two goals, win over Henan Jianye home court. The "King", "Wang" and all arranged the goal, can not help but sigh: "this picture of late." Guoan coach team leader Xie Feng after a simple summary of the season: "I am in preparation will also chat with you, then I pick team, count the game, 21 game we lost only 16 balls, scored 27 goals, the team’s defensive satisfied me the attack, some lack of. In 2016 the team experienced groundless talk, there are a lot of shortcomings, then we will conscientiously sum up, next season to get good results, thanks to the cold to the cheering fans." After long time of injury after Zhang Xinxin said: "this year the league from the beginning of the preparation period, there have been some difficulties, I think our players in difficult circumstances to go out, basically is normally played this season, but in the middle of the process there are many problems, we need to sum up. Hopefully next season will be better." Zhang Chiming felt that this season’s performance almost mean, if the full score is 10 points, he only gave himself to play the 5 points. Look forward to the growth of new people should not be a flash in the pan, regardless of the 2016 season, the national security has brought people how much disappointment and frustration, but the end of a season, the total look forward to what the next year. There is a picture of people feel a little relieved the game last night, when the young Du Mingyang assists Yilmaz scored a goal, two people take the shoulder stand together, Yilmaz pointed to Du Mingyang, accepting the fans cheers. Whether it is at the end of the season Du Mingyang gradually emerge, or opportunity gradually increased, more eye-catching Li Lei, if in the disappointing season and what is gratifying, is perhaps the team is in the coming year and begin to display talents, the future wealth. For the national security team is concerned, cherish such wealth, in order to allow the hope to take root in the future, not just to make them a flash in the pan, and a lot of people, like a traveler". Text / reporter Wang Fan, Zhang Jun相关的主题文章: