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Beijing eight for the property market to xuhuo golden week of second-hand housing transactions fall into 9 "Beijing eight" for the property market to "fire" golden week second-hand housing net signed volume dropped significantly in September 30th evening newspaper reporter Cao Zheng issued the "Beijing eight market regulation policy effect previews. The reporter learned yesterday, six days before the National Day holiday, Beijing new and second-hand housing net signed volume respectively in September 1st to 6, down 73.7% and 96.5%, the real estate intermediary institutions and the sales offices of the house were a lot less than last year’s national day vacation. Golden Week second-hand housing turnover fell 9 into the property market after the Spring Festival heat wave swept the major domestic cities. Take a single Beijing second-hand housing market, the total net signed in January to September has reached 214 thousand units, a total of more than 197 thousand and 400 units last year. Queuing house, sit in prices, transfer hall "scalpers pour the number of news upsets jittery. But 9, 30 Beijing, the introduction of the property market began to enter the inflection point of the. Central Plains real estate data show that over the past 3 years before the National Day holiday in the first 6 days of new houses and second-hand housing turnover amounted to 717 sets, the total of 510 sets, and a total of 408 units, and this year is the set of. Statistics show that I love my home market institute Albert, October 1st to 6, Beijing new commodity housing (excluding low-income housing) net signed volume of only 204 units, compared with September 1st to 6, fell 73.7%; second-hand residential net signed volume of only 152 units, compared with the same period of September fell 96.5%. The National Day holiday, is always room house peak. Intermediary Wang this long stay in the store every day, the number of showings and contract volume are not optimistic. Wang is responsible for the northern part of the area is one of the first round of heat waves. He casually pulled out a set of more than and 80 square meters of second-hand housing information in the two bedroom, from the Spring Festival to September, the total price has risen more than 1 million yuan. Every day before the store can clinch a deal seven or eight single, and now also on the single one or two." Chain of home stores broker Ma Lianwa Liu said, at the beginning of September every day with five or six dial showings, and now every day only one or two showings. In September this year to the seller and the buyer after the regulation, Beijing second-hand housing net signed a total of 30516 units, up 18.9% in August. Behind such a high turnover figures, is panic buyers of the property market "empty fire". I love my family from the reporter was informed that since July, its stores reached the second-hand housing transactions, the average number of showings per customer in September fell sharply, has dropped to 2.79 in September; at the same time, each listing the average number also dropped significantly in August, up to 8.76 times. This shows that the entire market in September significantly accelerated the pace of the transaction, the customer’s purchase decision cycle shortened, the market there is a clear psychological panic." Relevant responsible person explained. The evening of September 30th issued the "Beijing eight" is to "fire" of the property market poured a bucket of cold water. A number of control measures, the most popular one is on loan to buy commercial housing Shoufu ratio further improved: the purchase of the first set of ordinary housing down payment of not less than 35%, the purchase of non ordinary theory相关的主题文章: