Beijing double star to prepare a variety of packages for your car

Beijing double star to prepare a variety of holiday packages passed very quickly for your car maintenance, quite tired? On the road, destination, on the road, destination…… Although the cycle, there is always a happy journey. The owners of self driving habits, the tired than we do more experience, but the car’s "fatigue", and you know how much? In the bumpy dirt road or mountain road, long time driving, high-speed driving are likely to accumulate a lot of hidden dangers. Due to the negligence of maintenance, then the daily driving car, increased security risks, not found in time, may make the work of good mood mud. What should be paid attention to after the long distance? For example: climbing down the mountain, the winding road is more likely to hurt the suspension. Chassis inspection is the most important. Whether there is nail after flying sand and rolling pebbles tire phenomenon. Long time driving on the dusty road, greatly reducing air filter life. Engine, brake pads will wear too much…… Eliminate hidden dangers to avoid embarrassment, don’t let your tomorrow blocked. We invite eleven BMW owners after the holiday back to the shop to do a detailed and comprehensive examination for the car, the vehicle to ensure safe driving, daily worry. If you have more concerns, the overall investigation from the rest assured us. In addition, the return trip, we also remind you to work just remember to listen to music, walk slowly, fast-paced city life, don’t let the long holiday syndrome ridden, smooth transition. From the beginning of the door, to every road in every journey, BMW accompany you everywhere. Time: from now until October 31, 2016   registration Tel: 010-65800  Tel: 13161669595  rescue; insurance Tel: 13161669393 project: the return of the long holiday package delivery                   nbsp;     fuel oil cleaning package + three catalytic packages to airway cleaning packages item two: painting happy gift                         spraying 4 blocks and to give a full upper scratch car servicing renovation project three: long service,                       warranty start for the year 2008 and the previous models enjoy Wyatt enjoy 30 percent off preferential maintenance package 12.                   & ( ).相关的主题文章: