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Internet-and-Business-Online How do you become an expert on your niche topic? That is the question most asked by people new to marketing on the Internet. Unlike the traditional world, where you must have fancy degrees and books published on your topic, the virtual world allows lay people, those who have superior information not garnered at a university, to provide their knowledge and experience to others. This does not mean you should claim to be an expert in an area you know little about, but it does give you the opportunity to be taken seriously for the knowledge you have acquired through your own life experiences. There are several ways to be seen and respected as an expert by those seeking information in your niche. One way is to write as much as possible on your topic. The word author is derived from the word authority, and refers to someone who knows more than the majority of people about what they are writing about. Since 2006 I have been seen as an authority in affiliate marketing. This is because I started documenting what I was learning in this area from the very beginning. Every article, blog post, short report, and forum comment brought me closer to being considered an expert in this niche. Another way to gain expert status is to interview others who are already authorities in your field. All of us working on the Internet are generally thrilled to be asked for an interview. During these interviews, ask the questions you most need to know to increase your knowledge of the topic. Record the interviews, have them transcribed, study every bit of what you learned, and then sell the interviews as part of a product on your topic. I am part of many people’s products in the areas of affiliate marketing, article marketing, and getting started on the Internet. Make a list of the people you could ask to interview, and then go about scheduling interviews with them as soon as possible. Reading everything you can on your topic will also accelerate your expert status. Go to the library and check out books that will teach you even more about the area you are working in. Sometimes books that were written long ago have valuable information that can be applied today. Search online for more details of your niche and see what you can find. Becoming an expert is an ongoing process, and you will be amazed at how much knowledge you can amass in just a short period of time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: