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"Because of you" achieve beautiful Chinese interpretation the most beautiful years love inspirational entertainment news from the Shanghai Tencent the concept of television culture Co. Ltd. produced, directed by Zhou Xiaopeng, Sun Yi, Liu Mintao, Deng Lun, Pan Yijun, Wu You, Wu Jing, Guo Hong, super generation, Luo Gang, Li Zhinan starring in the metropolis emotion inspirational drama "because meet you", which lasted for more than 3 months, up to 123 days after filming the perfect shot. At the end of May and early September start fixing, users inadvertently ridicule volt volt fixing boot, "comments, also become the embodiment of the filming of the hard inadvertently. With "Love III" of Sun Yi and Deng Lun, as early as in the "fifteen years" for migratory birds, you develop a full understanding. In addition to the two people familiar with each other, in the drama of love to kill each of the stars, but also in the work gradually run into a fit of the work partner and close friends. Sun Yi Deng Lun Love III out of Wu You: Double tacit understanding is not easily accepted, goodbye sadness in "because the filming process meet you in", in addition to three degrees worked with Sun Yi and Dunn, in fact, as Li Yunzhe is two generation ultra with "fifteen years" for migratory birds after the two together, the degree of understanding needless to say. And before the difference is that Li Yunzhe and Sun Yi played the piece of fruit, is no longer a silent guardian with warm heart and CP, and Deng Lun as Li Yunkai is no longer a united front on a good buddy, but the devil incarnate successor, start crazy against two people. Or the tacit understanding of the three groups, but to become a confrontation from the guardian, the audience is not a small aspect, for all of you, but it is not a small challenge. The same with fruit and cloud zhe standing in different positions, as well as Wu You as Zhang Yuxin and Li Zhinan plays Lu Sichen, although two people don’t like the rest of the three people in the "fifteen years" in collaboration, but as in "more than" crime has outstanding performance, a harvest of the "wife" Wu You, Yan and early on value conquered a generation of Li Zhinan and acting, it is tacit cooperation. But after fixing Wu You said the character of Zhang Yuxin’s feelings: "not easy to accept, not goodbye", although the property to hide themselves in the challenge of shaping subtly malicious, double role, but after the conquest, it is not goodbye. Liu Mintao led the old play bone with Taiwan Biao play famous acting "go together" in addition to several young stars high Yan value, Liu Mintao, Pan Yijun, Guo Hong and other interpretation on the generation of grudges stars, is the interpretation of the value of Yan and acting together. In "the pretender" and "Nirvana in Fire" in the popular Liu Mintao, the "because of you" as the fame of the great aunt Song Xiuhua, itself has a chilly temperament for the role as if tailored, and gentle eyes and attracted many fans sister, have a message "don’t grab, today we are big uncle". Had to shape more than the classic role of Pan Yijun, the embodiment of the "hanging" of a woman, and played sports in "the pretender" mother brother of Guo Hong, also joined the "because of you", "the last generation" enmity with Liu Mintao. The three old drama of bone Biao play the same stage would be wonderful, Liu Mintao and Pan Yijun have a very harmonious relationship, the competition between the scene is against the相关的主题文章: