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"Beauty" Robert Redford make the team 2: tired of acting "beauty" – Redford Robert’s 2 celebrity Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, senior filmmaker Robert Redford (Robert Redford) is a leader in Oscar, as actor and director are award-winning. He is in the marvel movie (Marvel) "Captain America: Winter Soldier" in 2, as former Secretary, aegis Bureau but Hydra "Alexander Pierce" senior cadres (Alexander Pierce), known for the young audience, he said he will withdraw from the day before the tabernacle of the congregation, so many fans are no longer acting. Very surprised. Robert, eighty, who was awarded the lifetime achievement award by the president of the, has a pivotal position in the Hollywood film industry, and has been awarded the title of the. In 12, when he accepted the grandson of Redford Di Di (Dylan) visit, announced that he would no longer acting, to retire from the screen, the future will concentrate on when the director, or to pick up the brush, go back to draw sketches. He admitted that he had been tired of acting, "I’m a patient person, so it’s really hard for me to sit down and wait in every shot. At the age of eighty, I want to make myself more satisfied, after all, I don’t need to rely on anyone now." Robert Redford intends to shoot with Jane Fonda (Jane Fonda) Our Souls at Night "partner", and Cathy – Affleck   (Casey; Affleck), "Old Man With a cooperation Gun" two films, will be out of the tent of meeting, "everything will come to an end, with everything say goodbye, and then continue to focus on the director’s work." (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: