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Baosteel WISCO merger: Jiang Shanghai sent two kinds of enterprise culture difference – reporter Zhang Yujie Ren Mingjie of Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel shares issued 22 shares of convertible absorption merger transaction draft of Baosteel Baosteel WISCO, Wuhan Steel shares to all shareholders of the convertible shares issued A shares 5 billion 653 million shares, the exchange ratio of 1:0.56. At the same time, in September 22nd, the SASAC also agreed to Baosteel Group and Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, the implementation of the joint reorganization, the reorganization of the Baosteel Group was renamed Chinese Wu Bao Steel Group Co. Ltd., as after the reorganization of the parent company, Wuhan Iron and steel group overall gratuitous transfer, become a wholly owned subsidiary. After the merger, China Bao generals became the crude steel production China first, second of the world’s steel carrier. Full participation in the reorganization of the Wuhan insider Wang Gang (a pseudonym) told the Securities Daily reporter Chinese, with Baosteel and WISCO will inevitably face many challenges, including the integration of assets, personnel optimization, management integration. In fact, in the development process of the restructuring plan, Wang Gang will be deeply felt the "strong collision style" and "Jiang faction" of two different kinds of enterprise culture. At the same time, the combination of the "win-win" effect is obviously, the two companies after the merger, will upgrade the product structure, layout optimization of regional industrial chain, enhance the right to speak, to enhance international competitiveness in all aspects will be greatly improved. The merger will be a demonstration of a new round of mergers and acquisitions in the steel industry. At the same time, as the implementation of the 2025, the first step China steel industry 60%-70% production will be concentrated in about 10 of the large group ", with Baosteel WISCO will also promote the whole industry has taken a key step to enhance the degree of concentration. In addition, in the context of the iron and steel industry to the production capacity, the merger will also accelerate the pace of Baosteel supply side reform, and promote the industry through mergers and acquisitions to speed up production capacity. "Big" landing Bao Wu was born in June 25th, the rest of the weekend at home in Wuhan insider Wang Gang (a pseudonym), received informed WeChat colleagues to tell him, "tomorrow there will be a major event". Wang Gang repeatedly asked what’s the big deal, the colleague is selling a child, just say "You’ll see. tomorrow". June 26th, Wang Gang saw the Wuhan Iron and Steel shares issued a notice, said the controlling shareholder of Wuhan Iron and Steel Group and Baosteel Group is planning a strategic reorganization, the company shares suspended from June 27th. "In fact, we want to merge with Baosteel news these years have passed many times before, but felt not credible, but this time listen to ‘event’ happened, I was in a feeling that this is sure to be with Baosteel merged." Wang Gang told Chinese Securities News reporter, notice the merger comes some suddenly, group and the level of listed companies is not earlier than he knows, "Monday at work, feeling the whole atmosphere of the company are not the same." Three months after the evening of September 22nd, Baosteel issued a draft transaction with convertible absorption in WISCO, the specific way for the merger, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel shares to all shareholders of the convertible shares issued A shares, convertible merger of WISCO; Baosteel for the merging party and the surviving party, Wuhan Steel shares for this.相关的主题文章: