Bank employees sell more than 200 million copies of personal information over a million-tencent upd

Bank employees sell more than 200 million personal information over a million. Recently, Ms. Yang, a Mianyang citizen, often received a phone call from a small loan company, and often received similar fraud messages. Although she does have a demand for loans, what makes her wonder how many small credit companies have been informed of her needs? How did her personal information leak out? If the Mianyang police cracked the case after the day before, Ms. Yang’s question might be a part of the answer. The day before, the Chengdu Daily reporter learned that Mianyang police cracked the Ministry of public security and the infringement of citizens’ personal information series case, destroyed a sale of personal information crime chain, 19 suspects were arrested, and seized a total of personal credit report and other personal information of citizens more than 200 million, more than 100 yuan in the capital. Surprisingly, the source of the crime industry chain comes from an employee in a bank in Shandong, which sells personal "credit reports" through the Internet. At present, the case is being further dug. Mianyang City Public Security Bureau Youxian District branch network security brigade responsible person, in November 2015, the Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Youxian District branch of the police in the sea of brown road in Youxian district set up to carry out security checks, found a car suspicious appearance and movements. In the trunk of the car, the police found a set of pseudo base station equipment which was suspected to be used for a group of messages. The street found pseudo base station to turn a lot "credit list" survey, sales manager laimou Mianyang is a small loan company, the monthly income is very considerable. The police launched an investigation on Lai, and found that Lai not only provided free personal information to their subordinates or relatives for promoting small loan business, but also sold some of the information at a high price. Youxian branch network security brigade police in fixed the relevant evidence after the arrest of alleged violations of personal information of citizens laimou implementation, and in the use of mobile phone and computer laimou found to contain name, ID number, phone number, home address and other personal information of citizens in 3288 groups. During the interrogation, Lai explained the fact that he bought personal information for reselling and developing customers. At the same time, in December 14, 2015, Chen suspects Youxian network security police brigade in Chengdu city will buy "credit list" arrested. After trial, Chen confessed to the purchase of personal information on a citizen’s place. As the source of the crime industry chain, which was listed as the source of the delinquency, the police made clear that one of the Hunan people, Liu Mou, was one of the lines of the police. In January 5, 2016, Liu was captured in Hunan. After the assault trial, Liu explained that during the period from July 2015 to January 5, 2016, he through social tools, electronic mail, Alipay and other Internet tools to sell or purchase a personal credit report and other personal information of citizens amounted to 43 million, profit 32 yuan. Moreover, Liu’s downline reached more than 400 people, that is to say, Liu’s information was sold to more than 400 people. In September 25th, Yang Bin, the detachment of Mianyang Public Security Bureau network security detachment, introduced that in May 6th this year, the case was listed by the Ministry of public security as a case of supervision. The two level public security organs in the urban area set up a joint task force, demanding that the industrial chain of the crime of buying and selling personal information should be knocked down. Yang Bin, from Liu, laimou to start, the police task force on the line of layers of tracing, after Jiangxi, Shandong, Hunan, Zhejiang, Henan, Sichuan and other more than 10 provinces and cities nationwide, which lasted 40 Yu Tian successfully captured Shandong, a bank staff Ding Mou 19 people, destroyed the sale of personal credit report a bank to bank staff Ding as the source of the crime chain. How to buy and sell bank employees to obtain "credit list" after the sale of Mianyang police, the about 2000000 personal information collected in the case is mostly "credit list", and the source of information is bank employees Ding Mou. How did he get the "credit list"? And how do you sell it? A sells information directly, each 20 to 30 yuan, police introduce, Shandong people Sun Mou and bank employee Ding Mou is friend, and Sun Mou specializes in buying and selling "credit list" business, he takes advantage of Ding’s duty convenience, obtains citizen’s personal credit list from somewhere. The so-called "credit list" is a person’s personal credit record for the bank because of the demand for funds. On the credit record, the details of the personal deposit, the number of loans, the number of ID card, the telephone number, the home address and all the details are recorded in detail. "Ding Mou uses the duty convenience, obtains the citizen’s credit record, secretly sells to the friend sun certain, each person’s information, the price is in the 20-30 yuan. After getting this information, sun uses network tools to sell to others. Police said that sun can sell to a person or sell to many people, and other buyers will continue selling resale to earn the difference through their own channels. "This is a cross chain, from the hands of the hand out of information, in this form, sold to all over the country. And other intermediaries may also be online, that is, the same can be bought from other people. The police said. B sells information on the order form, which can top up to 100 yuan per unit. The police introduce a direct sale of Ding Mou after obtaining the list of citizen’s credit, and another way is that Ding Mou is entrusted with inquiring the record of fixed personnel’s credit. This way is that some small loan companies meet citizens’ loan business. In order to ensure the safety of funds, companies want to get the records of the clients through bank friend queries. "Due to the urgent need for small loan companies, the price of credit inquiry recorded by Ding Mou is also higher. After Sun Mou’s transfer, the price can reach 60-100 yuan. Police said that the "credit list" of the closer the time, the higher the price, after a layer of resale, the price is higher. How to prevent the account balance of the cheated more than 100 thousand yuan more than they buy the "credit list" for what to do in the end? According to the police, people who purchase personal information of citizens can not only conduct small loan marketing and Internet Telecom fraud, but also conduct promotional activities such as house selling, decoration business and so on, which will cause unnecessary harassment to citizens. For example, Ms. Yang, a Mianyang citizen, asked the bank for a record of his credit for the loan business that she needed to buy a house. After the small loan company was informed of the information, she listed her as a target customer. "The deception, the balance of the account is more than 100 thousand yuan." Police in charge of the case said there was a detail in the investigation of the case, which surprised the police. That is, the "credit list" below 100 thousand yuan of citizen’s savings is not purchased. So, how do citizens ensure that personal information is not leaked? Mianyang City Public Security Bureau network security detachment Yang Bin said, "the credit list" is very privacy of personal information of citizens, citizens can not totally prevent, also need to strengthen the internal management of the bank, the bank staff to learn more about occupation ethics, laws and regulations, not to disclose information of citizens. Yang Bin reminded that in addition to the "credit list", citizens in other social activities, do not easily disclose their ID card number, phone number, do not seek cheap in the street, random scan two-dimensional code to disclose personal information. At the same time, the citizen should report to the public security organ in time after receiving the telephone, the fraud phone and the short message from the small loan company.

银行员工出售200余万份个人信息 金额超百万 最近,绵阳市民杨女士,经常接到小额贷款公司电话,也时常收到类似诈骗短信。虽然她确实有贷款方面的需求,可让她疑惑的是,名目众多的小额贷款公司是如何获知她的需求的?她的个人信息又是如何泄露出去的呢?如果看完绵阳警方日前破获的这起案件,杨女士的疑问也许能得到一部分解答。日前,成都商报记者获悉,绵阳警方破获了一起公安部部督“侵犯公民个人信息系列案”,打掉了一条买卖公民个人信息的犯罪产业链,抓获嫌疑人19人,共计查获个人信用报告等公民个人信息200余万条,涉案资金100余万元。令人吃惊的是,这一犯罪产业链的源头,来自于山东某银行一员工,其通过网络出售公民个人“征信报告”。目前,案件正在进一步深挖中。绵阳市公安局游仙区分局网安大队相关负责人介绍,2015年11月,绵阳市公安局游仙区分局民警在游仙区海棕路设卡开展治安检查,发现一辆轿车形迹可疑。民警在该车后备箱,发现一套疑似用于群发短信的伪基站设备,并现场挡获犯罪嫌疑人赖某。街头伪基站牵出大量“征信名单”调查发现,赖某是绵阳一小贷公司销售经理,月收入十分可观。民警对赖某展开调查,发现赖某除了将所购得的公民个人信息免费提供给下属、亲戚用于推销小贷业务,还将部分信息高价转卖。游仙分局网安大队民警在固定了相关证据后,对涉嫌侵犯公民个人信息的赖某实施抓捕,并在赖某使用的手机、电脑中发现了含有姓名、身份证号码、电话号码、家庭住址等公民个人信息3288组。审讯中,赖某交代了他购买个人信息用于转卖、发展客户的事实。与此同时,2015年12月14日,游仙网安大队民警在成都市将购买“征信名单”的嫌疑人陈某抓获。经审讯,陈某对在赖某处购买公民个人信息的行为供认不讳。列为部督案件打掉银行为源头的犯罪产业链为查明信息来源,民警明确了赖某的上线之一湖南人刘某。2016年1月5日,刘某在湖南被抓获。经突击审讯,刘某交代,从2015年7月至2016年1月5日期间,他通过社交工具、电子邮箱、支付宝等网络工具出售、购买个人信用报告等公民个人信息累计达43万余条,获利32万余元。而且,刘某的下线达到400多人,也就是说,刘某将信息销售给了400多人。9月25日,绵阳市公安局网安支队支队长杨彬介绍,今年5月6日,该案被公安部列为挂牌督办案件,市区两级公安机关成立了联合专案组,要求坚决打掉该买卖公民个人信息犯罪的产业链。杨彬介绍,通过从刘某、赖某入手,专案组民警对其上线进行层层追查,辗转江西、山东、湖南、浙江、河南、四川等全国10多个省市,历时40余天,成功抓获山东某银行工作人员丁某等19人,摧毁了一条以银行员工丁某为源头的买卖银行个人信用报告的犯罪链条。如何买卖银行员工获取“征信名单”后售卖绵阳警方介绍,本案查获的200多万份公民个人信息,大部分是“征信名单”,而信息源头,就是银行员工丁某。他是如何获取“征信名单”?又是如何卖出去的?A获取信息直接售卖,每条20到30元警方介绍,山东人孙某与银行员工丁某是朋友,而孙某专门从事买卖“征信名单”业务,他利用丁某的职务便利,从丁某处获取公民个人“征信名单”。所谓“征信名单”,就是公民因为有资金需求,到银行查询的个人征信记录。在征信记录上,详细记录了个人存款多少、贷款多少、身份证号码、电话号码、家庭住址等等所有详细信息。“丁某利用职务便利,获得公民征信记录后,就偷偷售卖给朋友孙某,每个人的信息,价格在20-30元不等。”孙某获取这些信息后,又利用网络工具,售卖给他人。民警表示,孙某可以卖给一个人,也可以卖给很多人,其他购买的人再通过自己的渠道,继续销售倒卖赚取差价。“这是一个交叉的链条,从丁某手中出来的信息,就以这样的形式,售卖到全国各地。而其他中间人,也可能还有上线,也就是同样可以从其他人手中购买。”民警说。B订单式卖信息,每条最高可以上百元警方介绍,除了丁某获得公民征信名单后直接售卖,还有一种方式就是丁某被委托查询固定人员的征信记录。这种方式是指一些小额贷款公司遇到公民要办理贷款业务,公司为了保证资金安全,就想通过银行的朋友查询获得办理者的征信记录。 “由于小额贷款公司要得比较急,因此,丁某查询的征信记录价格也较高,经过孙某转手,价格可以达到60-100元 份。”办案民警表示,“征信名单”时间越近的,价格就越高,经过层层转卖后,价格更高。如何防范被骗者账户余额多在10万元以上他们购买“征信名单”到底用来做什么呢?民警介绍,购买公民个人信息者,除了进行小额贷款推销、网络电信诈骗外,还可能进行售房、装修业务等等推销活动,给公民带来不必要的骚扰。比如绵阳市民杨女士,她因为购买房屋需要办理贷款业务,就到银行查询了自己的征信记录。小额贷款公司获知其信息后,就把她列为了目标客户。“被骗者,账户上余额多在10万元以上。”办案民警说,在此案的侦查中,有一个细节让警方很意外,即公民存款在10万元以下的“征信名单”,基本上没有人购买。那么,公民如何来保证个人信息不被泄露呢?绵阳市公安局网安支队支队长杨彬表示,“征信名单”是非常隐私的公民个人信息,公民自身无法完全防范,还需要银行加强内部管理,银行员工讲究职业操守,多学法律法规,不泄露公民信息。杨彬提醒,除了“征信名单”外,公民在其他社会活动中,不要轻易泄露自己的身份证号、手机号码,不要在大街上贪图小便宜,随意扫描二维码以泄露个人信息。同时,公民在接到小额贷款公司推销电话、诈骗电话和短信后,要及时向公安机关举报。相关的主题文章: