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Baiyangdian found several kilometers clapnet dead bird to count – public channel Baiyangdian area found massive clapnet". At noon on October 27th, the animal protection organization "let birds fly" volunteer Xing Zhijie told reporters that they are located as "Xiongxian Xiongzhou town Baiyangdian hot springs in the region of Hebei city in Baoding province in the paddy field, demolition clapnet. There are a number of dead bird criminal Zhijie said, this piece of clapnet and found in Baiyangdian "together should be four thousand or five thousand meters long, countless dead birds online". He speculated that "birds around the paddy field, there may be a farmer in order to prevent the bird to eat rice". Outian the bird hanging bird corpse online. Another name is "mountain rain" volunteers said, demolished clapnet the longest in a row of 500 meters. "This is just a row of nets, we feel that we can not dismantle, to feel that is the last row, turn to another piece of land and found a row." The "mountain rain". The volunteers said, "the pole above the ground two meters, small and dense mesh". The reporter saw from the volunteers sent photos and video, and these clapnet set up along the ridge in the paddy field, to be fixed with a bamboo pole. A large number of birds online hanging corpse, some rotten, also have a few species are still struggling in the wire. "I just saved a living, dead countless, 150 meters on the Internet have to have more than and 300 bodies." Xing zhijie. Volunteers will be fixed clapnet pole broken down, on the net and the hauling down to the side of the road, a online hanging body was concentrated in birds. One volunteer said: "today, there is no way to deal with heavy rain, was buried". Volunteers removed a large number of birds on the bird carcasses. The model is used to find wild duck or bird said, the morning of October 27th, they are still in paddy field 5, 6 km distance from the two outian, found a large area of clapnet, "found in the paddy field than the mesh, has a diameter of 6-7 cm, fixed pole surface exposed on the earth there are two or three meters high". Unlike the clapnet situation in the paddy field, outian clapnet mainly inserted in the mud. The volunteers said that these clapnet probably formed a square area. In the center of the region on the surface of the water, the volunteers found a few wild duck plastic model, "should be used to lure other birds or wild duck, once close to the surrounding network may be trapped". Volunteers received the report, Anxin County Agricultural Bureau of the relevant law enforcement team staff to remove the net. Anxin county agriculture bureau deputy director Wang Shusen told reporters, "found clapnet outian is located in Baiyangdian lake side, at the junction of the new County, Xiongxian, Rongxian County three county place belongs to, the investigation is difficult". By October 27th at half past four in the afternoon, Wang Shusen said before, Anxin County Agricultural Bureau of the law enforcement team line of three people have found lotus field volunteers cleared fence. The other one is located in paddy field and net for the volunteers found, Anxin County Agricultural Bureau of the law enforcement team is not too much, "Wang Shusen said at that time a lot of rain, also afraid of the car went smell相关的主题文章: