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Business Looking for a new and exciting career, or a endorsement in your current job? Perhaps it’s time to think departing back to Baccalaureate school to get the education you need to be truly victorious. Customary Schools are junior colleges, colleges, and universities that offer options for higher education in a traditional classroom location. With a high school diploma or GED, undergraduate students can apply to a traditional school to earn a range of types of degrees such as an Associate Degree (AA or AS) or a Bachelor’s Degree (Baccalaureate). Post-graduates can continue their education to obtain a Master’s Degree (such as MA or MS) or a Doctorate Degree (PhD or Terminal Degree). More and more traditional schools also offer ongoing education classes or certification in any number of fields. An Associate Degree requires the victorious .pletion of a sub-baccalaureate national curriculum, usually requiring a minimum of 2 years (or the equivalent) of full-time college-level study or .pletion of 60 to 64 semester hours. An Associate Degree is the highest degree offered at a neighborhood college or trade school. Established Schools offer a Bachelor’s Degree, also called a Baccalaureate or undergraduate degree, require the flourishing .pletion of the first 4 years of university study (known as undergraduate study), often in preparation for a Master’s Degree. Traditional Schools also offer a Master’s Degree (also known as a Postgraduate Degree) requires 1 to 2 years of full-time corresponding preparation beyond the Bachelor’s Degree. A Doctorate Degree (also known as a PhD or Terminal Degree) is the highest level of academic degree promising, and the award implies recognition of the recipient as an equal by the faculty at the academy in which the study took place. There are three types of Doctorate Degrees: Research, Terminal/Professional, and Honorary. Research Doctorates are awarded in recognition of scholarly or academic research representing a unique contribution to human knowledge. Terminal/Professional Doctorates are awarded to those who are considered experts in a particular professional field, such as medicine, theology, or law. Honorary Doctorate Degrees are awarded to those who have made a sizeable contribution to a field of study, not of necessity academic. All recipient of a Doctorate Degree are permitted to use the title "Doctor." It is habitually understood that ownership of one or more college degrees can create more employment potential and vastly increase the earning power of the beneficiary. Some of the most popular fields of study include Business Administration, Liberal Studies, Engineering, .puter Science, Education, .munication, Humanities and Arts, Law, Social Sciences, Medicine, Psychology, and Biology. Much number of colleges and universities will even permit students to create their own special main. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: