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Baby eat no appetite? First baby to open an appetite! Cooler weather – Sohu maternal winter, a lot of fruit to eat if worried about the baby’s stomach can not accept, if the fruit cooked or steamed to eat, not only the stomach and can put them into a small dessert, but we share the apple last week and today the Hawthorn apple muffins, red dates soup. Hawthorn has a slight sour, eat up very appetizing, but also worried that the baby will feel it too sour, so I put it with dates and apples mixed together, you can well reduce the acidity of hawthorn. The dessert is not suitable for a lot of soup to simmer and cook, oh, Aochu sticky taste. After the dessert ingredients cooked, will become more soft, suitable for babies to chew yo. Because of adding the hawthorn, when the baby to eat, must pay attention to small, moderate, avoid excessive intake caused by the baby’s gastrointestinal discomfort Oh ~ Hawthorn apple red dates soup recipe: Apple 1, 7 red dates, hawthorn 7. Seasoning: no cooking methods: Cooking reference month age: 10 months or more of the degree of difficulty: no difficulty tip: suitable for food in the text is not allergic to the baby. * * * 1 prepare ingredients: Apple 1, red dates 7, hawthorn, 7. PS: because my baby does not reject the sour hawthorn, so I use more hawthorn, if the baby is afraid of acid, it is best to reduce the number of hawthorn. 2 red dates wash with hot water soak in advance to the skin swell, facilitate the removal of residual dirt and skin. 3 wash and peel hawthorn. 4 then go to the nuclear. 5 to a small baby to eat, can then be cut a little piece of hawthorn. 6 Apple washed peeled. 7 cut the apple into small pieces. 8 jujube bubble, remove the skin and jujube stone. 9 hawthorn, apple, red dates into the pot. 10 add about 800ml of water, after the fire to boil, turn the heat to simmer. 11 during the float to skim. 12 in order to avoid the end of paste, boiling time, often with a spoon. Hawthorn apple red dates soup 13 sour and sweet and savoury is ready! This approach is too simple, there is no time to be able to do the baby to eat yo, coax baby happy is so simple. WeChat public "baby nutrition complementary", included the baby for me doing 500 nutrition foods with these 500 food recipes, no longer for the baby to eat what to worry about.相关的主题文章: