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Baby calcium – breakfast egg shrimp roll – Sohu maternal welcome to bee dad kitchen, today we recommend that shrimp egg rolls, suitable for more than 1 years old baby food. High quality protein rich egg, shrimp, calcium content is also high, at the same time, the content of vitamin D in egg yolk is relatively high in natural food, the absorption of calcium to the baby. Is rich in carotene in carrots, add a little sesame oil, better absorption and absorption effect is increased more than 5 times, carotene can be converted into vitamin A, the baby eye development, have a very good help. Need to prepare ingredients: egg, shrimp, carrot, leek, starch, sesame oil, edible oil and salt [1] prawns, remove the head of the prawn, dried small shrimps, shrimp, peeled shrimp yellow leaves, chop the end of standby; carrot is abluent, cut the end, carrots cut at the end plate stand; wash leek and cut the end, leek plate stand; the shrimp meat, diced carrots, leek, into the bowl, add starch and sesame oil, stir evenly, marinate for 5 minutes; egg into the bowl, add trace salt, stir, spare; stand the egg skin: dianbingcheng choose egg cake stalls, plus a little oil, with a shovel evenly, put the egg liquid into the electric baking pan, the bottom the egg after solidification, with a trowel to spread the egg liquid, such as liquid whole egg The Ministry is solidified, the egg cake over heated slightly, remove the egg skin; all ready, put the egg into the skin plate, the marinated shrimp meat and vegetables, egg skin evenly coated on a roll; the egg roll skin code into the dish, into the steamer, steam 10 minutes, after steaming, remove and cool slightly, with a knife cut into pieces, you can give the baby to eat. See more baby video recipes, attention Bee dad "WeChat public kitchen original article, without authorization, shall not be reproduced (please contact the authorized number: Bee Q404506869) WeChat public kitchen Dad (beebachufang) want to know more functional baby recipes, please go to the public view"相关的主题文章: