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Averaging 14 points for 20 million young? Exposure piston is trying to contract worth? Sina sports news Beijing time on September 25th, according to the "Detroit free press reports, the Detroit pistons general manager Geoff Bauer recently revealed that they had the Kentucky and Wells admitted Devielle Pope, and Reggie Bullock 2 players to start a preliminary negotiations. If you can not renew the contract in October, 2 people will become restricted free summer players. As the upcoming fourth season in the first round of the show, Pope and Bullock can advance contract before October 31st. Recently, Bauer, general manager of piston, said that they have 2 brokers and the initial expansion of the negotiations, and negotiations will continue. "We are going to have a more in-depth negotiations next month to see if we have a chance to renew our contract early this year," said Bauer. "If it does, it will be good for both of us. If it doesn’t work, we’ll talk about it in the summer." The 23 year old pop over the past 2 seasons are the piston starts, and is considered to be the most outstanding defensive player now piston. This summer has been analyzed that the piston must want to retain the pop, new contract salary will not be less than $20 million, and the annual salary is increasing (he next season, the annual salary of 3 million 700 thousand). The 25 year old Bullock with the second half of the season after the impact of the playoffs during the outstanding performance, for their long-term plan in the future to get a place in the piston. His annual salary is 2 million 260 thousand. Bauer said the Pope and Bullock also to renew and piston a long open attitude. "We have 2 of them and the brokers who talked, they all understand that we as a team how to cherish their own value, and their potential is huge," Bauer said, "we also agreed that now the team atmosphere and environment, are conducive to their." Up to now, the first round of the show in 2013, only the pioneers of C.J. – McCallum and Milwaukee – the young man – the early extension. If the completion of the renewal in October this year to Pope and Bullock will be in the next offseason to become a restricted free agent. (Chi Mei)相关的主题文章: