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Authoritative release! Served as mayor of Ganzhou city! Jiangxi Channel – September 29th four session of the Standing Committee of the thirty-fifth meeting, the meeting examined and approved the request of Municipal People’s Congress on the new municipal government received cold resigned from the mayor’s decision, decided to appoint the post of deputy mayor, had civilization as the municipal government acting mayor. The meeting of the Municipal People’s Congress on the request to accept Zhou Guanghua, Liu Jianping, Huang Jinlong resigned as deputy mayor of the municipal government office of the decision; considered by the Municipal People’s Congress on the decision to accept the resignation Guo Yuyuan request the Municipal Intermediate People’s court duties, and decided to quit the Rockets Hu Municipal People’s Procuratorate duties request; decided to appoint Zou Yuping as vice president, deputy president of the Municipal Intermediate People’s court, Jiang Jiehu appointed for the Municipal People’s Procuratorate deputy attorney general, deputy attorney general. The meeting also considered the relevant personnel appointment bill. Municipal People’s Congress and the Municipal People’s Congress met and spoke. He said that the Municipal People’s Congress appointed me as deputy mayor of Ganzhou Municipal People’s government, acting mayor, I feel no glory, responsibility. Gannan is a piece of infiltration countless revolutionary martyrs blood red shrine, had the honor to join the land tenure, Gannan Soviet area revitalization and development, I feel very proud and confident. I will cherish the opportunity, in the Provincial Committee and party secretary Li Bingjun to monitor the party under the strong leadership, take a good baton, ran out of acceleration, promote new development, never live up to the trust and the trust of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government and the Municipal People’s Congress, never live up to the expectations of the people of South Jiangxi 9 million 600 thousand. Heavy responsibility on the shoulders, Zeng civilization said: I must take the lead in accordance with the law, accept supervision. Strictly abide by the Constitution and the law, strictly in accordance with the statutory authority and procedures for the exercise of power, perform their duties, adhere to scientific and democratic decision-making according to law, and comprehensively strengthen the building of the rule of law. Strict implementation of the Municipal People’s Congress and the Standing Committee decided that seriously in accordance with legal procedures to the Municipal People’s Congress and its Standing Committee work report, and consciously accept the legal supervision and supervision, responsible for handling NPC motions and proposals, humbly accept the deputies’ criticisms and opinions effectively improve the satisfaction of the masses of the work of the government. I must take the lead in hard work, have succeeded in carrying out an assignment. Firmly grasp the development first, to firmly establish the new concept of development, emancipating the mind, Neiwaijianxiu, from north to south, the main industry, highlighting playing precise poverty, new urbanization, modern agriculture, modern services and infrastructure construction in the six battle. Vigorously carry forward the Soviet spirit and the Soviet cadre style, put all thoughts used in general business, to concentrate on implementation, the courage to play, dare to break through, for a period of innovation work, to speed up the development and make due contributions to synchronize well-off. I must take the lead as a servant of the people for the people. People are our God, our people is a solid backing. I will firmly establish the people as the most important people, people first concept, to the requirement of governing for the people into the thoughts and feelings, reflected in the policy measures, the implementation of specific work, how do people need things, do things to benefit the masses, always put the safety of the masses of cold warm in my heart and on his shoulder)相关的主题文章: