Australia issued 10 years of visa fees for Chinese citizens $5100 – Sohu news 9c8836

Australia to Chinese citizens 10 years issued the visa fee of 5100 yuan – Sohu Canberra 19 November, Xinhua News (reporter Xu Haijing) China Embassy in Australia said on 18, Australian Governor Peter Cosgrove has signed a decree? Recently, the country’s 1994 amendments to the "immigration law". According to the revised law, Australia will implement 10 years repeatedly "frequent travelers visa to China citizens". This is the first time that Australia has issued 10 visas to foreign nationals for many years. According to the new law, Australia will be in Australia to engage in tourism, business activities of China’s "frequent flyer" issue of this visa, in order to reduce the need for passengers to apply for a visa burden. The holder of the visa can be a number of years of entry into the country within 10 years, each time up to stay in Australia for up to 90 days. The visa fee is now a $1000 (about 5100 yuan), and will adjust the situation. Applicants are required to be designated medical institutions for medical examination, not tuberculosis patients, and apply outside australia. At the same time, visa holders also need to comply with some requirements, including 24 months of accumulated in Australia may not exceed 12 months; not in Australia employment; learning and training in Australia do not exceed 3 months; can not apply for conversion of other types of visa in Australia; departure in residence visa permits before the expiration of changes in personal information; 2 working days before the report of immigration and border protection etc.. Chinese Embassy in Australia reminds the Chinese citizens who wish to apply for such visas to pay attention to the specific implementation time and program announced by the Australian Embassy website. In 2015 the number of Chinese tourists to visit Australia has more than 1 million, China has become Australia’s most important source of overseas tourists. The new 10 year visa is designed to further simplify the procedures for Chinese citizens to enter Australia, in order to attract more repeat visitors to Australia for tourism or business activities.相关的主题文章: