August industrial profits rose by 19.5% year on year growth in the new network vidalia

In August the profits of industrial enterprises increased by 19.5% year on year showed a resumption of growth – Beijing, Beijing, September 27, according to the National Bureau of Statistics website news, 1-8 months, above scale industrial enterprises profit grew 8.4%, the growth rate of 1-7 months to speed up 1.5 percentage points. Among them, the August profit grew 19.5%, the growth rate of July accelerated by more than 8.5 percentage points, the highest monthly growth rate this year. He Ping, director of the Bureau of industry for this interpretation, said in August the industrial enterprise profit growth was restored, the policy effect continues to appear. But at present, support enterprises to continue rapid growth is not strong, external demand is still insufficient, the enterprise accounts receivable recovery period is still too long, especially the traditional industry overcapacity production industry is still difficult, quality and efficiency of economic entities still need to. Industrial enterprises in August to accelerate the growth of profits are the main factors: first, industrial production and sales growth. In August, the above scale industrial added value increased by 6.3% real growth, the growth rate in July, up 0.3 percentage points; above scale industrial enterprises the main business revenue grew 4.9%, the growth rate in July, up 0.6 percentage points. Two prices continue to rise. August, industrial producer price index was 99.2%, up by 0.9 percentage points higher than in July, the price returned to the basic level of the same period last year. Taking into account the changes in the price index of industrial producers, the price level in August is generally beneficial to corporate profits. Three unit costs continue to decline. August, the cost of industrial enterprises in the main business income of 86.14 yuan per hundred yuan, down by $0.2, continue to maintain a downward trend. Four is a low profit last year. Last August, the superposition of sluggish sales, the price dip, the stock market downturn and rising costs, foreign exchange losses and other unfavorable factors, costs rise faster than sales, investment income growth fell sharply, resulting in the rapid growth of the financial costs, the profits of industrial enterprises decreased 8.8% year-on-year decline in July last year expansion of 5.9 percentage points, the total monthly profit become annual the bottom. Mainly affected by the base last year, in August of this year, corporate investment income grew 0.7%, while in July was down by $33.4%, financial expenses fell by 23.6%, a sharp decline in the proportion of a substantial increase of more than in the year of July. If in 2014 August as the base period, two years the average growth rate of profit is only 4.4%, is still slower than industrial production years the average growth rate of 6.2%. Five is the automotive, steel and oil processing industry pull. In August, booming car sales last year, coupled with low profits, an increase of 43.9% automobile manufacturing industry profit growth than in July, up 24.9 percentage points; by the structural adjustment, prices rise and other factors, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry profit year-on-year increase of 21 billion 40 million yuan this year, a single month record; affected by fluctuations in the price of oil, petroleum processing and coking and the nuclear fuel industry profit increased by 11 billion 30 million yuan, 3 billion 530 million yuan more than in July. The above three sectors together pull above scale industrial enterprises profit growth rate.相关的主题文章: