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At the art museum opened in the Imperial Palace museum director Wang Shu 30 treasures went to Hangzhou show Beijing, The China Academy of Art College of architecture and arts. Liu Yuan photo Beijing, September 23 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Zhao Yejiao Intern Liu Yuan) 23, by Liz prize winner Wang Shu featuring the first Chinese design at the art museum opened to the public, from the Imperial Palace Museum, Nanjing Museum of The China Academy of Art, a total of 38 pieces of calligraphy and painting art treasures for the first time in public at the Museum of art exhibition. At the art museum is located in the Fuyang District of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, for the people of Fuyang, Huang is a special name. Known as "four yuan" is the first of the painting become an independent school in the history of painting, he later Jielu settlers the Fuchun River River, at the age of seventy-nine he painted on the masterpiece "graph", recorded on both sides of the Fuchun River mountain forests beauty beauty, make the Fuchun River known to the world. Since then, Huang Gongwang’s name is closely linked with Fuyang together. "The completion of the public art gallery is a tribute to the people of Fuyang in the name of the mountains and rivers to Mr. Huang Gongwang." Fuyang party secretary Jiang Jun said, Hangzhou as the youngest "Ninth zone", out of fear of culture, Fuyang will the Fuchun River River valuation for the construction of public cultural facilities in 1 billion yuan more than 69 acres of land, so that the people of Hangzhou have a world-class art museum at home can enjoy from the culture of the Imperial Palace treasure, this is the history of Fuyang is a new starting point and coordinate. As at the museum designers in the opening ceremony, Wang Shu admitted that since 2012 after winning, come in many projects in Fuyang, "blocking lift" sincerity finally touched him, to accept the invitation from the former residence of Huang Gongwang. Talking about their own design philosophy, Wang Shu pointed out that in the cultural heritage, a generation to generation of human life, really good art is the integration of history and contemporary history, not only to be able to respond, but also to the sharp point to the reality of today. At the construction of public art museum to draw inspiration from traditional landscape painting and calligraphy art, and to the construction of modern design techniques to express, and strive to be over in a contemporary way in today. At the same time, a number of architectural design at the art museum have reached world-class level, as the original work, with particular emphasis on the importance of Wang Shu innovation in the process of building art museum in the traditional architectural style and Chinese is not completely unified, and Western architectural styles differ, forming the unique style of the one and only. With the opening, from the Imperial Palace Museum, Nanjing Museum of The China Academy of Art, a total of 38 pieces of painting and calligraphy art treasures Museum exhibition at the first came to the public. The exhibition is called "landscape declaration". Gao Shiming, vice president of The China Academy of Art, the exhibition by the impact and response of two major components. Impact part brings together 38 yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties calligraphy and painting of the three dynasties, headed by the "Yuan" of the "four" return. Among them, from the Imperial Palace Museum collection "nine peak snow Ji map" and the Nanjing Museum collection "Fuchun Da Ling map" two pieces of his masterpiece caused widespread concern, exhibition)相关的主题文章: