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At ease, attention, looking to the East: they were born in the Tang Dynasty Chinese of Changan, is the largest city in the Northeast Asia, than the same period of the Byzantine capital Constantinople in seven times, the ancient city of Rome is his 1/5, after several hundred years, he has been the biggest capital of human construction, is the world’s first fully deserve the city "". At that time, overseas countries have to look east envoys from Changan make light of travelling a thousand li, many # was born to the world in China # culture. In Japan: in Europe: in Africa: the birth of # China # honed in the cultural treasures not only withstand thousands of years, the world more able to withstand the test, now still in the stage of world culture shine! Life and growth in nature! More and more Chinese culture has gradually become the most cultural symbol of HOT in the eyes of foreigners! Hunger breeds discontentment, color, flavor and taste of the Chinese delicacy in West countries. In the popular drama, not only often Kung Pao Chicken screen, more talented tongue Polytechnic male abandon minced chicken is too small, self Chinese chef challenge. In the event of meat, the people all over the world are the same. Known as the "gentlemen’s movement," golf is not a Scottish patent. As early as the Tang Dynasty, China has been a "step" performance. The Song Dynasty "chuiwan", become more close to the modern golf. This year, golf return to the Olympic family, Buick Golf spokesperson Feng Shanshan won the first medal in women’s Golf Olympic bronze medal. In this year’s Olympic Games, many Chinese and foreign athletes have been found on the body of the mysterious black imprint. Cupping Chinese — one of the most traditional treatment methods, from the beginning was not recognized until now all over the world, not only by the modern white-collar favorite, foreign friends also have added to their favor. Hot star tattoo from "the evolution of life and death" to "loyalty", Chinese tattoo is now in the eyes of foreigners fashion vane. But foreigners don’t actually know we have many mysterious Chinese characters, such as Dongba text, is the use of only the world hieroglyphics, pristine, ebullience have aura. In fact, not only is the above mentioned contents, we still China for Atlas and ® on the way visited a lot of # was born in Chinese # the excellent traditional culture, and with the image and record the source in Chinese cultural output at home and abroad, let more people understand. "Atlas for Chinese ®" this year is the third year since 2014, along the Yangtze River, along the the Yellow River to explore the Mesopotamia culture; 2015 along the Silk Road, mining history of cultural treasures. This is a breakthrough innovation, open the "search" family trip, visit the minority gathering place: while exploring the mysterious beauty of the southwest border, while tracing the northeast, feel the prairie Linhai heroic style. Along the way, invited well-known experts and scholars held the "Buick Culture Forum", tells the story of many national history of bright and brilliant, explore cultural treasures and China era heavy value. At the same time, the National Geographic will join Buick jointly produced "the atlas for China III -" the life and growth in nature documentary, Chinese civilization output overseas, let more people know and understand # was born in China # Millennium culture.相关的主题文章: