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Asset allocation under difficult funds have to force the sea products – fund channels in the context of asset shortage, more and more investors began to seek global allocation of assets. For investors continued to rise in the sea enthusiasm, various asset management institutions have actively explore overseas investment opportunities. This year, the QDII fund, Shanghai and Hong Kong Shenzhen fund and other products to become a major force in the public offering of funds, some fund subsidiary will also extend the business line to cross-border investment services. Overseas investment products by chase statistics show that since the beginning of this year, the fund company issued a total of South Asian dollar bonds, ICBC Hongkong small cap, Hua Baobiao & American consumption, Huaan global dollar revenue bonds, UBS SDIC Global Bond (FOF), a long letter overseas revenue a year set to open debt, Huaan global dollar coupon bonds, South crude oil (FOF-LOF), Hongkong China SGAM small cap (LOF), the Chinese Credit Bond 10 QDII funds, there is a QDII investment credit set to open debt are raised. Fund industry association data show that as of the end of the two quarter, raised a total of QDII, a total of 105 billion 500 million copies, the size of $90 billion 200 million, compared with the end of 2015 and 66 billion 300 million yuan of $80 billion 100 million increased significantly. In fact, because since March last year the total amount of QDII has remained unchanged at $89 billion 990 million, as investors overseas investment enthusiasm QDII quota has been extremely grow with each passing day, the amount of the loan market tight, costs rise. QDII products have also become the minds of investors "xiangbobo" at the end of July, Huaxia Chinese credit bond QDII issued a day sold out, a large number of other existing QDII products can only suspend the purchase or suspend large purchase. Echoes with the QDII ", is hard to find, each fund companies have issued through channels of investment in Hong Kong stocks in Hong Kong stocks through the Shanghai and Hong Kong Shenzhen fund. Statistics show that at present the market of Shanghai and Hong Kong deep fund a total of 36, this year since the establishment of 27, which established in August, the East is red sanimax deep Shanghai and Hong Kong single fund size of more than 6 billion 300 million yuan. Qianhai Kaiyuan, wells, INVESCO the Great Wall, Bo, southern 20 fund companies have issued special deep Shanghai and Hong Kong fund products. The day before the Shenzhen Hong Kong through approved and Shanghai and Hong Kong through the total amount of the cancellation, opened the further expansion of imagination for Hong Kong and Shanghai deep foundation. In this round of cross-border investment boom, some fund subsidiaries are also exploring the business opportunities. The day before, the Fidelity Fund (blog, micro-blog) CITIC Prudential Asset Management Limited and the Internet platform company to help immigrants immigration sub signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will be to high net worth clients overseas demand, from the planning to the comprehensive status of overseas asset allocation service. Immigrants help CEO Zhong Jianwen said, domestic investors in the global asset allocation has come of age, identity planning, tax planning, children’s education and other overseas investment management service as the support, in recent years, the demand is very strong, but also more attention to asset management institutions. Prior to the financial industry for investors to focus on overseas demand mainly in the investment itself, and is now extended to a more comprehensive vision services, which is also"相关的主题文章: