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Arsenal signed Mustafi for him? The Gunners to well paid prop – Sohu   sports; British media secret Mustafi really with the German striker Mustafi joined Arsenal defender crisis eased. Arsenal this summer in the transfer market, spent a total of up to 90 million pounds to make signings, after being severely criticized the stingy Wenger finally willing to spend money in the transfer market. Although the summer spending has ended, but a few big players to deal with the team remain to be resolved, including the core of Mesut Ozil’s attack, the Germans contract with the club last season only 2 years, has been that Mesut Ozil will sign a new contract, but so far, there is still no movement. The British media, "Daily Mirror" revealed that Arsenal believe that the signing of Mustafi, will help the team to retain his national team teammate Mesut Ozil. The "Daily Mirror" pointed out that Wenger wants Mesut Ozil to sign a new contract with the team, but Mesut Ozil did not rush to contract with the team, he thought before the contract with the team, to be able to see the Arsenal shown later after Mesut Ozil came to the lofty ideals and high aspirations, in the 2013-14 season, in addition to the FA Cup, the Gunners have not meddle the Champions League, especially last season Mesut Ozil showed high light shine, season reach 19 assists, second only to Henry’s Premiership season record 20 assists, but Arsenal state still ups and downs, the second half of next season and used to drop the ball, this will inevitably make Germany international a bit downhearted. It is reported that in the German national team, Mesut Ozil and Mustafi’s very personal, Mustafi had said to join Arsenal, Mesut Ozil to boost the key in the middle. The "Daily Mirror" said that with the arrival of Mustafi and Arsenal in the transfer market big signings this summer, that is enough to prove that Arsenal expressed lofty ideals and high aspirations. Arsenal also believe Mustafi will also be able to persuade Mesut Ozil to stay with the team. At present, Mesut Ozil has been with his agent of re signing matters, once the contract with the team, the "Daily Mirror" revealed that his new contract salary will reach 200 thousand pounds, the salary will make Mesut Ozil and Europe’s top star line. Because the negotiations have been suspended after the contract, and now Arsenal want to restart negotiations, the Gunners believe that Mesut Ozil will eventually contract with the team. In addition, another team attack the core of Sanchez with the Gunners contract also only 2 years, Arsenal also hope to be able to retain the Chile International, but Sanchez hopes to join his team in the new contract amount of default. (Ma Di)相关的主题文章: