Around the school record is now antique beginning ceremony refers to the traditional culture

Around the school record is now "antique beginning ceremony" refers to the traditional culture is not China – Sohu hundred new channel in August 31st primary school in Confucius temple in Nanjing dachengdian before "easy breaking Mongolia, through to the Confucius salute, like reading" the Analects of Confucius ", learn to write the word" person ", cinnabar Kai Chi, teachers listen to the message, officially announced be a student. Reporters noted that in the recently held around the "beginning ceremony", in addition to wear clothes, mostly in vermilion on his forehead part. The media refers to cinnabar meaning "wisdom". Zhao Shiyu believes that there is no clear source of this link. He speculated that this may be related to the ancient Chinese Taoist tradition. "Cinnabar in Taoism is evil function, bless the healthy growth of children moral cinnabar. It may be that such a blessing to the healthy growth of children’s etiquette to the modern ceremony. But ancient times are not used in school." In addition, another is widely used around the "beginning ceremony" of the project is to write calligraphy. Reporters noted that the words written in different regions are also different. On the morning of August 28th Nanjing Dabao’en Temple Ruins Park held open pen ceremony, the children with a brush to write "well" word on the paper. In other areas, it is more common for children to write the word "man" with a brush. In addition, there are places where children write positive word. Beijing Confucian Temple imperial Cheng Xian Ancient Chinese Literature Search museum curator Ji Jiejing told reporters, in fact, write different words and different ideas about each institution. " " words a flick, mutual support, meaning how to behave. " " word meaning, open and aboveboard and Hao Ran qi." Although that does not exist the so-called "beginning ceremony" of ancient China, but Lin Peng also pointed out that the school also has a set of etiquette. "The school of worship is not a teacher, but thanks to Confucius, the ceremony called food release ceremony, to offer a Confucius like food, parallel prostrations, brief and solemn ceremony."相关的主题文章: