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Army: our army for many years has not fought in combat power construction has no delay – Sichuan channel — original title: an important strategy to strengthen the mission play to win the President Xi on training to prepare, is to strengthen the construction of combat troops, to ensure the scientific guide and follow all can fight, win the war. At the critical moment, Lu face era exam reform and the strengthening of the armed forces force, military construction of the party as the "leader", must carry out to win the war, as one of the most important pressing a tough battle to win the fight. Negative grasp of the center to fight the mission. The anxiety of thinking war should be strong. President Xi warned the army, the army should fully understand the complexity and seriousness of the national security situation, strengthen the readiness to fight the idea. If not to fight the mentality of grasping training, there is no sense of urgency and urgency, once the war will inevitably suffer a great deal, becoming a villain. We should catch the spirit of restless, busy with state affairs to win the war, and to love the party, party, party, party support Xing reflected in the performance of the secondary vocational school. Prepare for the pace to be urgent. Our army did not fight for many years, the lack of experience under the conditions of information warfare, the lack of actual construction of the actual test results. The situation is getting better and better, the construction of combat has to not wait, can not drag the situation, we must be tight and tight, but the real reality exams welcome and try our best to win for the catch. The point of seeking war is clear. Since the establishment of the army leadership, President Xi has proposed the strategic goal of building a strong modern new army, and made clear the strategic requirements of "mobile warfare, three-dimensional offensive and defensive". We must unify their thinking, clear thinking, clear responsibility, resolutely follow the important instructions of the President Xi guidance training and practice. The main responsibility to play. Have a strong sense of urgency and mission play catch for party as the first priority, officers should take the first responsibility, strengthen political play to win the war, wanted to fight things, seek to fight the problem really, really grasping war preparations. The center right caught combat construction. To stand in line with loyalty to the party’s height to position. Called for them to be able to fight and win the war, is the largest of Party loyalty. We should carefully understanding the strategic design of President Xi and major strategic considerations, thought reform and resolutely implement the President Xi strong army to practical work. We should clearly recognize that we must first be qualified political line to the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission and chairman of learning, constantly strengthen all actions to listen to the command of political consciousness. To stand up to assume the responsibility to assume the height of the position. To lead the troops to achieve the transformation goal, to win the modern war, is the party committees at all levels as heavy as the mission of Taishan, doing my duty and task. We must clearly recognize that only committed to winning the determination will catch the combat readiness training, in order to achieve victory in the future war; only in combat on the road of determination will show courage, courage, perseverance, tenacity to maintain, in order to be worthy of the trust of the party and the people. To stand on the height of the tradition of defending the honor to stand. Our army grew in battle, famous battles by Li Wei, fighting and winning is always shining in my spirit. Today, the baton is handed over to a new generation of revolutionary soldiers, we only相关的主题文章: