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In April two the old treasure, learned a lot of skills – Sohu maternal photo from the network these days, the feeling of autumn is very obvious, sooner or later the temperature obviously cool a lot of, clear, an invigorating autumn climate. My small treasure, also spent his April age in this season. This month, he is really not a small change, so I feel more of a child’s growth is fast, really blink of an eye thing. [two] to entertain the baby treasure this period of time is as a pleasurable occupation. Put him in a small cart or bed, he was happy to be "Oh" automatic speaking said endlessly, sometimes dancing can raise a hue and cry the whole room, filled with his voice, let me very happy too. So now he is a "happy" are not false. [two] people smile baby treasure dictionary at present is not the word "strange", take him for a walk (of course I was walking, he was lying on a small cart or in his arms), all with his people, with a big smile he will spare no effort to. And enjoy his smile the most people, is still not me – of course, I have been very accustomed to accept the two treasure gave me a small blow. Is the biggest beneficiary of Dabao two treasure smile. This thing had to feel the blood, blood is thicker than water, but two treasure see Dabao, it will reveal the heartfelt happy, smile yaotouhuangnao, opened his mouth and slobber appearance, let Dabao heart more cherish this brother. [baby] don’t cross hold since the two treasure little neck can be his brain bag up, two treasure without hesitation to hold him sideways. He is also a good temper, even if it is in a good mood when he will cross in his arms, he will yell ow by crying for chowhound, resist, milk time is an exception, it must rely on arms! Now two treasure is more willing to hold on the shoulder to sleep, do not want to be held in the arms. It seems that he is trying to prove to the world that he has grown up with a small head of high quality! Pictures from the network [S] baby slobber April age two treasure little slobber flow is called a "tick as" quite "waterfalls three thousand feet" style. Whether lying, sitting, or being held, it is necessary to seriously bite the hand of the program, followed by endless saliva. Even the middle of the night by him until I wake up feeding him a kiss will be his attack on the slobber. The most funny one, holding him to the supermarket. He’s all eyes staring at people just out of the big bun, side, side on hand, a slobber, the scene let selling steamed buns to shoot down uncle to do publicity, I refused. However, such a nature chowhound hope in the future, it can also increase food supplement is still the case, I do not have too much trouble. Ha-ha! Like to go out with the increase in the age of the baby, two treasure more and more willing to go out to see the outside world. So every evening I would hold him or push him out for a walk. He likes to sit on my lap, leaning back on my belly, eating my hands and watching the world!相关的主题文章: