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Apple "was when" old driver: iOS 10 GIF map search function containing pornographic content Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on September 16th, Apple released this week by the iOS 10 software provides a new function: users can directly from the iMessage search and insert GIF action figure. However, according to media reports, users can search for pornographic content through the function. Deadspin website found that search keywords "butt" can see adult content. The Gizmodo found that, through the search for common pornographic words, as well as the common word "huge", you can find this kind of content. At present, however, such searches have been filtered. This shows that apple is trying to solve this problem. IOS 10 was released on Tuesday, bringing many new features to iPhone and iPad. However, this version of the system is also a problem. For example, T-Mobile prompts the user that it should be avoided to upgrade the system, so as not to cause network failure. Apple has yet to comment on the news. (Zhang Fan)相关的主题文章: