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Apple released new products, easy to lose and double Yi Ruo more a! Sohu technology media reported in September 8th September 7th training camp Wen Wanghong, Apple’s autumn conference finally ended in the eye. This time, Apple Corp officially released iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch three new products of the top 2. Meanwhile, wireless headset AirPods also unveiled at the press conference. It is worth noting that, in the 7 series of iPhone, 3.5mm by the traditional data line interface headset jack replaced future headset and charging line will share a Lightning (charge) interface. Apple takes you into the new era of wireless headset apple iPhone equipped with a wireless headset AirPods, according to reports, AirPods wireless headset with W1 wireless chip apple new R & D control, built-in microphone, as the size of Apple headset ordinary no line. Can reduce noise, working time of 5 hours, can be wireless charging. The media training camp the first reporter to interview him at the press conference live Apple users abroad, he told reporters, "next year, Apple’s best-selling single product is a wireless headset, because you will lose more. May be like buying socks to buy headphones, after all, a very embarrassing." The price of $159, but also allows users on the Internet have said that through the most difficult way, is Apple’s routine. Nintendo apple Nintendo hold thigh as a special guest to debut in September 7th the apple press conference, and announced two major cooperation with apple. First, the "Super Mario Run" game will be landing Apple mall; second, "Pokemon Go" and the Watch of the next generation Apple. "Super Mario Run" is a specially developed Nintendo iOS game, but also for the first time to Nintendo’s own classic role in the game to migrate to the smartphone. Cook also said at the meeting: for any age players, there is no life of Mario is not complete. So Nintendo came, and the first attempt to cross the border and iOS cooperation!" The recent hot "Pokemon Go", Apple Watch also landing. For gamers, this makes it easier to catch the elves. Once you’re close to a Pokemon supply station in the real world, Apple Watch will send you a reminder of the vibration, but also to tell you about the type and the probability of the nearby elf. The powder took aim at the new next year, according to IDC data show that the iPhone performance in the second quarter is still very bleak. Second quarter, iPhone global shipments fell by 15%, revenue fell by 23%, the market share fell by two percentage points. Can use 7 series to save the situation, Cook is an urgent need to solve the problem, after all, iPhone contributed nearly 70% of Apple’s performance. The iPhone 7 main waterproof dustproof, iPh.相关的主题文章: