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The anxiety of the middle class: in addition to buy a house but also what to buy – Sohu finance to sell the hands of this house? President of the country has a number of suites, a wealth management agency, ms.. She bought several houses in the past few years. Because the job is busy, she didn’t have time to "sell" real estate, a few months ago to sell the house in Hangzhou, after it was found that G20, Hangzhou’s housing prices rose again; she is also in Shanghai real estate, a little rose several million. Should she be happy? To continue to look at the hands of the appreciation of the house – even if so much – if one day prices fell? If you sell the house can invest what? Outside the house, Ms. Lu has 600-3000 million investment assets. As a professional, she estimated earnings performance over the current stock market, funds, foreign exchange, gold and other asset classes, and look back to the housing market. But, my heart is still not practical, some fear, some uneasy. It’s not the way she feels. Not only are these private banks in the eyes of high net worth clients. Even the average middle-income population, which is also full of doubt. They may be only tens of thousands of investable assets, or about 100000 is one million yuan. They may have a set of real estate is still owing on the loan, perhaps still struggling to pay the lead, they are in the North Canton or second-line, three line city, but the confusion seems to be the same: the house can buy it? If you do not buy a house, in the hands of money – whether it is more or less, and how to win inflation, access to value-added? October 1st, the RMB as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) new SDR (SDR currency basket) currency will become effective. The day before, the central bank’s monetary policy committee Fang Gang said that not only push the reform, despite the economic growth; a few years ago a lot of hot money speculation led to the appreciation of the renminbi, the current depreciation is correct, the general depreciation also conforms to a basket of currencies. This question: whether that let the market into the basket after the RMB devaluation channel will open? As everyone knows, to a large extent, the exchange rate is expected to decline in the middle of the home property to defend the cause of wealth. Industrial Bank chief economist Lu commissar believes that the overvalued exchange rate is the root of all Chinese problems. Boone Guangrun Asset Management Limited company chairman Wang Jiachun said, the external storage and exchange rate risk has become one of the key elements of China macro risk. In the view of Macro Economic Research Center Director Su Ning Institute of finance Huang Zhilong, the real estate market not only for the business sector of the cost of capital, sources of funding have a siphon effect, but also disrupted the future of consumer spending and family asset allocation plan of the household sector. In this way, not only the difficulty of China’s macro-control policies to increase the difficulty of middle-income groups or the allocation of assets in the middle class is also increasing. At this time and the next period of time, the market is waiting for change. A kind of unspeakable anxiety spread in different markets and different groups of people. In particular, the middle class, he (she) seems to be sick, got wealth anxiety. The definition of middle-income people has always been controversial. Some experts believe that the median income standard can be defined as an annual income of 60 thousand -.相关的主题文章: