Ang Lee’s new film, the original novel, long intermission on the market

Ang Lee’s novel "the long intermission" – listed Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Tian Chao) today, director Ang Lee’s film "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" will release in the country, by the introduction of the publication of the new classic novel "the long intermission" will also be simultaneously listed. The American writer of this novel? The Party saw the Iraq war and the American society from the perspective of a 19 year old boy, was named the BBC read 12 novels of the century. Prior to the release of the film, the most controversial is Ang Lee’s innovation in the film technology, 3D4K120 frame on the immersive digital technology brought about by the viewing experience. In fact, this is the first move Ang Lee? The party’s story, he said: "the long break" is a love story, courage and loyalty, it tells the story of a young man in the world has finally found their own a space for one person. The story of the brotherhood in the camp, about their deep feelings and sacrifices." This? The party a collection of short stories "and Guevara’s" cut? Accidentaly across the Hemingway prize. The novel "the long break" is the story of 19 year old Billy? Lynn, served more than a year in Iraq, where he won a B class 3 minutes and 43 seconds short of victory, became an overnight "American hero". During Thanksgiving, they went through two weeks of triumph, and were even invited to the "super bowl", where the main story took place at the Texas stadium. This novel is reminiscent of "twenty-second rules" and "the great Gatsby", when a gorgeous fireworks exploding in the ear, Billy? Lynn felt that the battle is very bad, but he can’t see this is at the mercy of the boring life and what good. In one day, with Billy? Lynn as the center of American Society of the cross section is? The party also let readers slowly tear, for the moment the United States society the glamorous life of a doubt.相关的主题文章: