And the two men who have sex with girls were unsuccessful in Network – new threat Dutch act bloxorz

And the two men who have sex with girls being threatened – Beijing Dutch act failed JINGWAH times dispatch (reporter Feng Huamei) recently, a 14 year old girl in Hunan province Shimenn County to drink pesticide Dutch act. It is understood that the girl was being raped her man because of pressure and threat Dutch act. From the beginning of April last year, the girls suffered two men raped. The police responded that the matter has been established as a criminal case, and arrested 2 criminal detention, the case for further investigation. Recently, a netizen in Hunan province in the north and south of Shimenn County Town magistrate mailbox reflect, said an underage girl Bei Bei (a pseudonym) has been two men "rape", and was raped man threatened, because of too much pressure in the school by the school teachers to drink pesticide Dutch act, to the town hospital after gastric lavage from life dangerous. Beibei’s aunt, Ms. Shu, Beibei is 14 years old, the mother is a deaf mute, his father’s character is very honest, home economic conditions are not good. Beibei every week to go to school, school to sit in the village of the shuttle bus, and therefore the driver of the bus to get to know. Kim, more than and 50 years old, after he knew Beibei, many times to Beibei home. In April last year, Kim to lead the way in Beibei grounds, a house in the village have sex with her. Later, Kim Beibei to 200 yuan of money, do not let her tell the family, but two people keep in touch. Last August, a few days ago on the same village, 50 year old man in a comfortable home to Beibei, night live in the house, while the children and parents are not at home, and the baby had sex. Later, Shu Mou to give baby pocket money, buy clothes and other lured her, don’t let others tell babe two had sexual relations. But shortly thereafter, Beibei’s parents know the matter and found a comfortable. After mediation, Shu Mou to Beibei private parents ten thousand yuan, and promised not to contact with the baby again. But always with a comfortable babe to keep in touch. During the National Day this year, baby do not want to ignore Shu, Shu MOU will pull the black WeChat. Was a comfortable phone call to tell the headmaster of the school, they have sex thing, but also to let her drink the medicine Dutch act, the father of the baby care of Shu’s parents. Babe said for yourself too much pressure, to drink the medicine after Dutch act October 7th. Ms. Shu said the family understand the situation, in October 12th to the police station, a police investigation, around October 24th, Kim, Shu Mou, after the trial, the two men and Babe had sexual relations several times. Shimenn County Public Security Bureau in the mailbox reply, after investigation, control people reflect the situation basically true, the County Public Security Bureau South Town police station has been accepted as one of criminal cases, has been arrested and criminal detention of 2 people, in the further investigation of the case. Yesterday, the reporter linked to the Shimenn County Public Security Bureau and the town police station, the other have said, at present the case under investigation, the specific case disclosed.相关的主题文章: