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Analysts suggested that the S & P 500 key points or hidden crash signal FX168 hearing the S & P 500 index in the last three trading weakness, Tom technology analyst DiMarco said, "notorious? The rising trend has been very weak, continue to rise based may no longer exist." He warns that if the market closes very close to these key points in the next three trading days, then you have to pay attention to that, and Dimak says, "the downward trend is likely to be very rapid."." According to Peng Bo, Dimak believes that the market in the near future to confirm its top, if the S & P 500 in Tuesday’s closing below 1926.82, or Wednesday and Thursday closing below 1917, then these two points may be the temporary resistance of the market. According to Dimak’s prediction, if the key point events are triggered, then the standard index will fall at least 8.2% from Monday’s closing point to 1786 points, back to February 2014 levels. He believes that if there are some bad news on the market, then the standard & Poor’s 500 index will decline from its top now, or even fall 11%, down to 1736 points. He believes that the continued rise of the market is only a short-term consolation, which is caused by the closing behavior of short investors. "We have found that some people in the market are doing short covering, which is why the market has risen recently." Dmack said, "in fact, this situation will lead to disaster, the market began to fall." The basis for continued rise may not exist." In a telephone interview, Dimak said, "short term interim buying will cause a vacuum in the underlying market and exacerbate the ensuing decline, and this decline will be very dramatic."." A few of the past few weeks are very dimmack has prophetic vision such as in February 11th, predicted that oil will rise, forecast in January 20th the S & P 500 index is at the bottom of the temporary market. So traders are paying close attention to what he says is the key point. The standard & Poor’s 500 index closed today at 1926.82 points below Dimak’s key point. Proof: Star into [shares] discuss Sina Finance

分析师提示标普500关键点位 或藏暴跌信号   FX168讯 标准普尔500指数在近三个交易表现疲软,声名狼藉的技术分析师汤姆?迪马克说,“上涨的趋势已经非常疲软,继续上涨的基础可能已不存在。”他这样警告说,如果市场在接下来的三个交易日收盘数据非常接近这些关键点位的话,那你就要注意到这点,迪马克还说,“即将到来的下跌趋势可能会非常迅猛。”   据彭博报道,迪马克认为市场在近期确认它的顶部,假如标普500在周二收盘低于1926.82,或在周三、周四收盘低于1917的话,那么就这两个点位可能就是市场的临时阻力位。   根据迪马克的预测,如果这些关键点位事件被触发的话,那么该标准指数将从周一的收盘点至少下跌8.2%,至1786点,回到2014年2月时的水平。他认为,如果市场上出现一些“坏消息”,那么标准普尔500指数将从它现在的顶部下滑,甚至出现暴跌11%,跌至1736点这样的情况。他认为现在市场的继续上涨只是一种短期安慰,是空头投资者平仓行为导致的。   “我们已经发现市场上有一些人在做空头回补,这也是市场最近上涨的原因。”迪马克说,“事实上这种情况会引来灾难,使市场开始下跌。”   “继续上涨的基础可能已不存在。”迪马克在电话采访中如是说,“短期临时地买进会使基础市场出现一定的价格真空,并加剧随后而来的下跌,而且这种下跌将是非常剧烈的。”   迪马克过去几周的几个预测都非常的具有先见之明,比如在2月11日预测石油会上涨,1月20日预测当日的标准普尔500指数是临时的市场底部。因此,交易者们密切关注着他所说的关键点位。   标准普尔500指数今日收盘点数收于迪马克的关键点位1926.82下方。   校对:星晴 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: