All school canteens in Anhui must complete the construction of video kitchen in 2018-yuria

Anhui all school canteens to be completed in 2018 the "video kitchen" building consumers in the hotel lobby, live through the transparent file, the TV screen, can be directly after the hotel hall of the whole process of making dishes, whether there is cross contamination of clean, food hall, even the chef added how much oil salt could see this is a transparent kitchen + video. The day before, Anhui province food and Drug Administration held the province’s catering service Ming Liang kitchen stove will promote the work revealed that Anhui has created the Ming Liang kitchen stove. Nearly million units. Previously, the hotel closed the kitchen in the "no admittance" "cover", after the Tang general are not foreign. Because opaque is not open, some businesses easy to take advantage of loopholes. With the "Ming kitchen bright stove" project continues to advance, the hotel after the hall is no longer "mysterious", the process of making dishes under the eyes of consumers, convenient for the supervision of diners, so that people eat to understand, rest assured. Anhui province food and drug administration deputy director Gao Huaiquan said that by 2018, all the school canteens in the province must complete the "video kitchen" project construction; counties and districts of all types of licensed catering service unit 30% to promote "Ming kitchen bright stove" project construction.

安徽所有学校食堂2018年须完成“视频厨房”建设   消费者坐在饭店大厅,通过透明明档、电视屏幕直播,可直观饭店后堂菜肴的制作全过程,后堂内是否清洁、食品是否存在交叉污染,就连大厨加了多少油盐都看得清清楚楚,这就是透明+视频厨房。日前,安徽省食药监局召开的全省餐饮服务明厨亮灶工作推进会透露,安徽目前已创建“明厨亮灶”单位近万户。   以前,饭店的封闭式厨房在“闲人免进”的“掩护”下,后堂一般概不对外。由于不透明不开放,一些商家容易钻空子。随着“明厨亮灶”工程持续推进,饭店后堂不再“神秘”,菜肴制作过程在消费者的眼皮子底下进行,便于食客监督,使市民吃得明白放心。   安徽省食药监局副局长高怀荃表示,到2018年,全省所有学校食堂必须完成“视频厨房”工程建设;各县区各类持证餐饮服务单位30%要推广“明厨亮灶”工程建设。相关的主题文章: