Alipay and Ma are not living Lei

Alipay and Sina are not living Lei Feng Ma Wen (public opinion leader WeChat kopleader) columnist Dong Ximiao whether WeChat or Alipay charges fees, reflects a business model of the Internet Co through various means: early accumulation of users, to develop user habits (such as social habits, habits, late payment) to implement and expand their business interests through charging. Ma is a businessman, Alipay is not living Lei feng. Alipay began charging! In September 12th, China’s largest third party payment institutions Alipay announced that due to rising operation cost, since October 12, 2016, for individual users beyond the amount of free "cash charge 0.1% service charge. WeChat pay finally relieved! In March this year, WeChat announced the payment of "cash" charges, Alipay face pure said: do not charge the baby! WeChat cold sweats. But half a year later, Alipay and WeChat to pay "collaboration", the hand into the pocket of millions of users. There is no doubt that Alipay’s operation and maintenance of course needs to pay a certain cost, including line equipment, daily management and etc.. Even someone else’s sister to sell you a Meng, there are also costs, labor costs ah! However, our concern is: Alipay cost how much? How much more than last year? However, we did not see Alipay released these data. Just to hear them shout: baby heart bitter ah! So, let’s look at the Tencent next door. Their money to pay through (including WeChat payment), is China’s second largest third party payment institutions. In March this year, the Tencent in the country NPC and CPPCC boss Ma Huateng said, the bank’s money to leave the bank system into the third party payment account, transfer fee of about 1/1000, this is the third party to pay a great cost. He said that consumers use third party payment of consumption, businesses will pay fees to the third party, but if the transfer between individuals, after the account of the third party, it is necessary to bear the cost of 1/1000. According to him, WeChat in January this aspect of the cost of more than 300 million. According to the current Alipay, caifutong market share, Alipay can generally infer the cost of each month is hundreds of millions. But this is not surprising, ah, of course, to pay a certain cost of business. It is thanks to these costs, Alipay to provide services to users, to serve the accumulation of a large number of customers and users in support of development. The cost of the beginning, also laid the foundation for Alipay profit. Moreover, with the development of technology and the expansion of user groups, it should be said that the marginal cost is declining. Whether it is Alipay or its parent company, Zhejiang ant gold clothing, not often yell: our technology is how advanced, our operation is how high…… So, I think, Alipay at this time charge, due to the "rising" comprehensive cost, is an excuse. Whether WeChat or Alipay charges fees reflect the Internet Co)相关的主题文章: