Again and again! Our Coser was down because the wretched painter……-windjview

Again and again! Our COSER was down because the wretched painter…… Japan as a love action movie high yield country, so that the domestic gentry mention the island country, estimated in the brain appears is some action movie teacher’s figure. To work with the combination of animation creation of 18 forbidden animation works, also all over the world Indoorsman like them. In a recent 18 CG illustration "ban human studies, this has now selling sub studies, pulp!! "Because of the content is too" trivial "and received attention. This course, by now, selling sub pulp shortly before the sale of "course!! "Tells the story of a house painter with a group of people fat beauty COSER shame story. The 38 year old painter quit his job 10 years ago and practiced his paintings, and his work was easy to get on the 18 banned comic magazine. Small celebrity, he decided to invite COSER to help set up a stall selling personal records, by the way, high visibility. But these COSER have become their playthings in private. Off the top, these COSER not only did not alarm, but also willing to climb with well-known artists. With the increasing popularity of the painter, more and more beautiful women COSER participated in the community, and they also together set up a "can not describe" multi party. This story though in the real world is unlikely to occur, but the heart still have similar dreams readers are still willing to spend money to buy the 18 and colleagues CG illustration. So what do gentlemen think about it? Leave a message to the penguin girl. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works

娇喘连连!猥琐画家扑倒巨乳COSER竟然因为……日本作为一个爱情动作片的高产国,以至于国内的绅士们一提起岛国,估计脑子里出现的就是某位动作片老师的身影吧。把工口与动漫相结合而创作的18禁动漫作品,也受到了各国宅男们的喜爱。最近有一本18禁同人CG插画集《コス売り子をオフパコ!!》,就因为内容太过于“猥琐”而受到了关注。 前不久发售的《コス売り子をオフパコ!!》讲述了一个胖宅同人画师与一群美女COSER羞羞的故事。38岁的同人绘师在10年前辞去工作后专心练画,作品好不容易登上了18禁漫画杂志。小有名气的他决定邀请COSER帮忙摆摊贩卖同人志,顺便炒高知名度。可是这些COSER在私底下却成为了他的玩物。 离谱的是这些COSER不但没有报警,反而还乐于跟知名画师攀上关系。随着该画师的知名度越来越高,越来越多的美女COSER参与了社团,并且他们还一起办起了“不可描述”的多人派对。 这样的故事情节虽然在现实世界中是不太可能发生的,不过心中仍有类似梦想的读者们依旧愿意花钱购买这本18禁同人CG插画集。那么各位绅士对此有什么看法呢?不妨留言告诉企鹅娘吧。 点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章: