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The market hit 9 billion yuan, LETV CEO Jia Yueting foot to "slam the brakes" – Sohu LETV technology recently had a bad day, only one reason: it’s just 3 trading days LETV shares fell 4.62 yuan, converted into a market value of 9 billion yuan staggering losses. Behind the "diving" price gap is LETV was recently burst out a series of negative information: This is a set of negative news "combined" the final reaction in the stock price LETV LETV, that do not have the financial license directly the day the stock fell 7.49%, the next two trading days is still in a gradually declining trend. The picture from the snowball after a lapse of 4 days, as the holding CEO Jia Yueting released a letter released all the staff, and the content is about "before the company fast pace, blindly burn expansion strategy": is opposite to our capital and resources is very limited. A car as a huge upfront investment, has spent about 10000000000 of its own funds, directly lead to lack of my personal LeEco financial support; on the other hand our financing capacity is not strong, single, unreasonable capital structure, the size of external financing is difficult to meet the funding needs of rapid amplification. The result is that we can not concentrate on one point, although you win a game and a battle, opened up a piece of land, but the food supply is not timely, stamina has obvious weakness. This short three words though simple, but with Jia Yueting in the past "big bet," bold contrast. The reflection of such a large angle of change suddenly came, I believe few people can expect. In this letter inside the letter Jia Yueting also cited a few change measures: and, the paper also designed a large reflection of the music as the paragraph before shareholders do not pay enough attention to the situation, and make a preliminary oral commitment: I know a lot of people think I listed companies do not pay enough attention, from the heart I said, for those who value investment shareholders long-term follow LETV, with gratitude and apologies. The new stage, I will pay more attention to the listed company LETV, accelerate the strength of several advantages plate. A 3 day fell, it could make music such a company to bid farewell to the original "PPT+ burn mode? Can the improvement measures mentioned above and the commitment to shareholders really be fulfilled? All of us have to draw a question mark. People want to know whether it is not difficult to see, the fluctuation of stock price LETV will know tomorrow. The following is the full text of internal mail (photo version). From the Tencent on the securities awareness program (micro signal zxcx0101) is love fan children’s focus on small program ecological public number. We will provide you with the most comprehensive and fresh program information (news, ideas, guidelines, activities) and services that you can learn about small programs here. Focus on awareness program (micro signal Delta相关的主题文章: