After the hang of 1 black guy store was found to be obscene language female clerk-rainism

In Hangzhou 1 black guy stealing things was found after language molesting female staff convenience store to buy tea eggs, pilfering stole, was clerk found, also Shuaqi wine mad, threat clerk not to alarm, but also with the language of the other obscene. The black guy, paid for their own self imposed price, in addition to 5 days of administrative detention punishment, was also required to exit the deadline. On September 22nd at 5:30 in the morning, the alarm poplar area police station received a convenience store, said there is a black man not only stealing in the shop, but also a drunken troublemakers. "He came in to buy two eggs, while the cashier looked down when change, grab a box of condoms in my pocket." A female salesperson found a black man’s behavior, immediately talk to remind him to pay, did not expect the other side not only admit, but also verbally abused her. When the clerk to call the police, the black man’s mood more excited. He drank a lot of wine, a wine, waving his hands threatened me, not to the police." Let the salesperson is not the next man’s behavior more excessive, even employed her indecency. "He kept at me to talk dirty, ugly." At this time, the white poplar police station rushed to the scene, the black man back to the police station. After the trial, a Somali man, truthfully confessed the theft in convenience stores, illegal facts and verbal threats, lewd female salesperson. Subsequently, the police in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the man was sentenced to 5 days in administrative detention. It is understood that there are 1519 foreigners living in the area of the police station in the Han nationality, temporarily leave the foreigners of 344 people, a large number of groups, management is difficult. And this case occurred, causing the police station leadership attaches great importance to. This case can be seen as an early warning signal for foreign students, foreigners serious public security crimes." In the afternoon, poplar police immediately to the international exchange center, China measurement akademisches auslandsamt interviewed the person in charge, the request must completely eliminate hidden dangers. "On the one hand, the school shall we of the Somali police students deadline exit; on the other hand to strengthen the education of students, the group often drunken brawls, theft, rape, indecent taxi evasion crimes such as students, called all the students special law-abiding training; but also in-depth rectification system optimization, dorm students, students for the first time to identify the whereabouts of yebuguisu, to leave out the students regularly issued law-abiding reminder messages, often on the violation of the rules and regulations students timely removed." In view of the existing problems, the school official said, will be in accordance with the requirements of the police station to carry out rectification immediately, pay close attention to the implementation of the relevant training, to ensure that no longer illegal students.相关的主题文章: